Top 10 Best Crypto Exchange API: Coinbase, Binance and Bitfinex

Recently there has been a dramatic increase in the value of various cryptocurrencies, and massive volumes of transactions taking place on cryptocurrency exchanges almost every second. This has led to increasing interest and increased investment from both institutional and individual investors in cryptocurrency and its fundamental technological platform (Blockchain).

What is a crypto exchange API?

The crypto exchange API allows users to connect with cryptocurrency exchanges such as coinbase. It lets users (either clients from the company or the developers) to connect via cryptocurrency exchanges to perform trades, collect data, and get data in real-time.

A number of cryptocurrency exchanges have released their API (Application programming interfaces) for developers to work with their platforms.

Just like in financial systems, security is also essential for APIs. API Providers need protection against hackers and malicious users. With the rise of APIs, API security is also gaining popularity and importance. Our primer on API security gives a gentle introduction to this topic.

In this article, we created a list of the Top 10 Best Crypto Exchange API currently being used. In coming up with this list, we ranked the APIs based on the following criteria

  • API Features Our team evaluated many aspects that make APIs popular with developers, companies as well as users
  • The amount of trades daily (USD):We consider the daily trade volumes
  • Usability:In considering this we look into their API documentation and examine the ease of comprehension. We also look into their developer communities to see the amount of activity.
  • Pricing:We reviewed the cost of the API integration into our application

1. Binance API

Binance Exchange

The company was founded by Changpeng Zhao, Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges due to the amount of transactions and the volume of users.

API Functions: Binance API lets exchange users perform trades by using third-party software. Traders are able to authorize these apps to trade, create , and cancel orders. Binance API uses the HTTP Basic API’s key authentication and is a single-purpose API that has the RESTful model. It is compatible with JSON request and response formats.

The volume of transactions each day (USD):About $448,088,328 is traded on Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange.

Ease of Use:Easy!! The crypto community is an extremely active developer community, which means that developers who may encounter issues using this API can be assured that they will be able to seek assistance within the community.

Price:Free!! However, it’s only restricted up to 1200 minutes of requests.

2. Bittrex API

Binance Bittrex API

Bittrex is a safe, reliable , and sophisticated digital asset trading platform designed for crypto traders based on the cutting-edge technology of Bittrex.

API features: Using the Bittrex API users are able to programmatically access their accounts and be able to trade, withdraw and deposits. It utilizes the API Key protocol authentication model that is based on a RESTful structure. It is compatible with XML, JSON response format as well as the URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The volume of transactions daily (USD):About $61,614,436 is traded through the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange.

Ease of Use:Easy!! Bittrex offers easy and simple documentation and an active developer community.

Price:Free!! However API users are able to make up to 60 API requests per min.

3. Poloniex API

API Binance Poloniex

As part of the Circle group Circle, Poloniex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers its customers safe trading environments and also sophisticated charts, data analytics and tools.

API features:This API allows developers to incorporate Poloniex features into third-party apps. It allows users to perform trade transactions using these applications. It utilizes the API Key protocol authentication model that is based on a RESTful structure. It is compatible with XML, JSON response format and URI Query String/CRUD Websockets’s requests formats.

The volume of trades daily (USD):About $7,114,781 is traded on Poloniex

Ease of Use:Easy!! Poloniex API is well-documented, and developers are able to refer to the documentation with ease.

Price: Free!! However API users are restricted by 6 simultaneous calls

4. Coinbase API

Blockchain Bitcoin Ethereum

Coinbase is an electronic money (cryptocurrency) wallet as well as a platform through which both customers and retailers can trade.

API Functions: Coinbase API allows businesses and developers to incorporate Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin and Ethereum payment options into their companies or applications. This API utilizes the API Key and OAuth 2 authentication model. It is an API for single-purpose use using a RESTful model. It allows XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The amount of trades daily (USD):About $52,618,344 is traded on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

Ease of Use: Easy!! Coinbase already has a thriving community, and there are many developers who are looking to join the platform. The API is well documented.

Price: Free!! However the users are restricted to 10,000 requests per hour.

5. Kraken API

Blockchain Bitcoin Ethereum

With over 4 million active users, Kraken is among the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges around worldwide (in terms of of users) and serves customers from more than 190 countries.

API Functions:With Kraken API traders are able to authorize third-party apps to start and end trades in their accounts. This API utilizes the API Key authentication model and is a single-purpose API that has RESTful architecture. It is compatible with XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The amount of trades each day (USD):About $41,291,726 is traded on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

Ease of Use: Easy!! Kraken has a rapidly growing community, with many developers wanting to connect to the platform. The API is well-documented.

Price: Free! !

6. BitFinex API

API Blockchain Bitcoin Ethereum

With its headquarters within Hong Kong, BitFinex is an exchange for cryptocurrency that is used by more than 1.6 million traders. The company is part of iFinex Inc

API Functions:Using BitFinex API developers are able to access all features available on the BitFinex Exchange platform. Traders can also authorize third party apps, bots, to make trades and access the platform for them. The API utilizes the API Key authentication model and is a single-purpose API that has an RESTful architecture. It is compatible with XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The amount of trades each day (USD):About $61,614,436 is traded on the BitFinex cryptocurrency exchange.

Ease of Use: Easy!! BitFinex offers detailed documentation, which includes codes that show how to begin with the API.

Cost: Free, this API is provided at no cost

7. Bitstamp API

Blockchain Bitcoin Ethereum

With its headquarters located in Luxembourg, Bitstamp is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

API Functions: Bitstamp API lets third-party apps and customized programs (bots) to gain access to user accounts and perform trades. The API is based on the API Key authentication model and is a single-purpose API that has an RESTful architecture. It allows XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The amount of trades daily (USD):About $32,141,868 is traded on the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange

Ease of Use: Easy!! Bitstamp is rapidly expanding its community, with many developers who are looking to join this platform. The API is also well-documented.

Price: Free! !

8. Hitbtc API

cryptocurrency API Binance

The company is based within Hong Kong HitBTC is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange that has more than two million users registered.

API features: Hitbtc API allows users to trade a variety of crypto and fiat trading pairs by using third-party apps or customized software. The API is based on the API Key and HTTP Basic authentication model. It is an API that is single-purpose that has a RESTful structure. It is compatible with XML response format as well as the URI Query String/CRUD FIX, WebSocket request format.

Volume of trades daily (USD):About $204,011,097 is traded on the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange

Ease of Use: Easy!! HitBTC is a growing community, and there are many developers who are looking to join this platform. The API is also well-documented.

Price: Free! !

9. Gemini API

Blockchain Bitcoin Ethereum

Gemini is headquartered at NewYork, Gemini is a licensed exchange of digital assets and a custodian designed for institutional and private clients.

API features:This API allows users to make orders, modify orders, access balances and make new deposits addresses through third-party apps. This API is based on the API Key authentication model and is a single-purpose API that has an RESTful architecture. It is compatible with XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The amount of trades each day (USD):About $8,684,247 is traded on Gemini

Ease of Use: Easy!! Gemini is a rapidly growing community, with many developers looking to connect to the platform. The API is well-documented.

Price: Free! !

10. Kucoin API

KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that has more than 1 million active users

API features: KuCoin API lets exchange users automatically access their account. Utilizing this API, developers can design trading bots that can be used by users to make high-frequency trades. This API is based on the API Key and OAuth 2 authentication model. It is an API for single purpose and has a RESTful architecture. It allows XML response format as well as JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.

Its volume trades each day (USD):About $4,492,698 is traded on KuCoin

Ease of Use: Easy!! With easy-to-follow guides and detailed documentation, KuCoin makes it easy to connect to its API

Price: Free! !

The list is from Rakuten RapidAPI’s the Top 10 most popular Crypto Exchange API . We hope you’ll discover an API you can incorporate into your application.

You might also want to look at our tutorial for a CoinMarketCap API tutorial.You could use this API to study cryptocurrency markets.

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Rakuten RapidAPI is the world’s biggest API marketplace that offers 8,000+ third-party APIs being used by over 500 thousand active developers. We allow developers to create innovative apps using the capabilities of APIs. Connect, test, and find to all APIs that you need all in one place!


You’ve probably heard of Robinhood as a intuitive trading app for options, stocks and ETFs, but it’s now extended to include cryptocurrency. In addition, it offers its no-commission model to the cryptocurrency world. Although trading may appear as if it’s like it’s completely free, Robinhood charges a spread markup, not direct commissions, meaning that the cost is integrated into the coin’s buy and sell prices. It’s possible to start in a matter of minutes using the instant transfer function, which means you can download and go.

Price:$0, or commission-free However, there’s an additional markup for spreads.

Coins to trade: Seven of them which include Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum


Webull might not be the most popular choice for trading apps, however its features are more impressive than Robinhood’s. Similar to its well-known competitor, Webull offers stocks, ETFs, options and crypto with no commissions out-of-pocket. Similar to Robinhood, Webull works on a spread markup for its cryptocurrency trades, which means that the costs are built into the transaction. It also allows you to trade a few additional coins that you’re not allowed to do at Robinhood as well, such as Cardano.

Price:Commission-free, but spread markup of 1 percent (100 basis points)

Coins to trade:Nine different types, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano


Broker eToro has completely crypto-based every day (at the very least to American traders, although other are able to trade in stocks). At eToro you’ll be able to access 29 cryptocurrency, which includes many that aren’t typically available in the broker applications like Tezos, Uniswap and Polygon. The app doesn’t charge direct commission , instead it charges a spread markup , which will vary according to the crypto that ranges between 0.75 percent in the case of Bitcoin up to a massive 5 percent for other cryptocurrencies.

Price:Commission-free, but spread markups ranging between 0.75 5-percent

Coins are available for trading:29 cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more


When you think of cryptocurrency you may not be thinking or even think of CashApp initially. The app for financials is most well-known as a cash-management account, or even the ability to trade stocks as well as ETFs. It also provides the possibility of trading cryptocurrency, though it only allows one of them -that is Bitcoin. Although you can transfer Bitcoin for other customers at no cost, CashApp charges what it calls an “small fee” for trading the cryptocurrency that it will reveal prior to placing the order. This is in addition to the spread markup that is which is built into the transaction. The trade doesn’t provide the specific fee structure.

Price:Spread markup plus a trading cost

Coins are available for trade:Only Bitcoin


Similar to CashApp You may are using PayPal running on your smartphone and in that case you’ll start using cryptocurrency in just a few seconds as of now. You will not be able to transfer or pay for cryptocurrency to others however you can trade it. PayPal is charged a fee for each transaction, and charges the form of a spread mark-up for its trades. The cost is 50 cents on trades that are less than $25. It then increases to a percentage which decreases to the low of 1.5 percent for transactions over $1,000. It’s helpful, PayPal provides its fee structure clearly for everyone to read. PayPal’s app for symbiosis Venmo provides the same service in similar terms.

Price:Spread markup plus trading fee, which begins at 50 cents and decreases to 1.5 percent

Coins that can be traded:Four different cryptos -four different cryptos – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash


Coinbase is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade many digital currencies, which is 96 according to the current count. This range is likely to make you scratch your head about crypto because it contains the majority of the most popular currencies, including Bitcoin Naturally. But what are you paying for the standard service? However, Coinbase has become more cautious about the amount you be charged to trade, and recently hiding the fees arrangement on their website.

If it was evident it was clear that the fees structure was a bit shady to at best. The spread markup of approximately 0.5 percent, and the transaction fee was based on the amount of the transaction and source of funding. In the case of Coinbase Pro, you’ll pay fees starting in 0.5 percent for transactions under $10,000, and then drop to 0.15 percent up to $100,000 volume, and drop even further.

cost:Typically at least 1.99 percent (lower when using Coinbase Pro)

Coins to trade: A whopping 96 of them, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Solana


Kraken is another cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade an array of coins that include the most sought-after and also some (Solana, Uniswap, Cardano and many more) which aren’t accessible on standard financial applications. The exchange lets you trade the 87 cryptocurrency. Kraken is not able to provide their service to the residents from New York and Washington state.

Kraken typically will charge an 1.5 percentage cost (or 0.9 percent in the case of stablecoins) However, credit or debit card transactions are charged an additional 3.75 percent charge plus 25 euro cents. In addition, there’s also the possibility of being charged an 0.5 percent processing fee for online banking. However, prices drop significantly when you’re using Kraken Pro, with fees that range from 0.16 and 0.26 percent. High-net-worth traders also have access to margin trading, thereby increasing their purchasing capacity (and the risk).

Price:Fee of 1.5 percent in addition to fees for credit online banking and cards (lower than Kraken Pro)

Coins are available for trade:87 of them, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Uniswap

Bottom line

The most suitable crypto trading application will depend on what you need. If you’re planning to trade many different digital currencies, you should consider an application that permits users to trade in a variety of currencies. If you’re more inclined to stick to the main ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few others several of the apps listed here can accomplish the task. However, cost is a major factor and you should take that into consideration before creating an account.

1 eToro: Overall Best

eToro has been our number one pick as the top cryptocurrency exchange for 2021. In 2007 two Israeli brothers started eToro in the form of RetailFX. The business has grown to become one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with more than 17 million users until the year 2020’s end. Legal entities within The European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, China, and Cyprus regulate eToro.

In eToro the platform, you can trade the 15 most popular cryptocurrency that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other. Customers outside of in the U.S. can trade non-crypto assets, too.

To sign up to join eToro as an U.S.-based trader, you need to deposit a minimum of $50. However, you will not be required to keep an account with a minimum balance afterward. Every transaction you make has to be at or above an amount of $200, however, a minimum of $25 for instance, if you wish to duplicate a trader.

The user-friendly platform of eToro has a variety of options which make it one of the top crypto exchanges available to novice traders. If you’re not ready to get into the game but You can test your trading using an online account with a fake $100,000. Additionally, eToro provides a wealth of educational material via its web site.

You can also interact with other users via an interface that resembles social media to discuss ideas and enter trades. If you’re really keen to emulate the pros take a look at the eToro CopyTrader software, that lets you to replicate high-performing traders trading strategies.

On the other side, if you’re an experienced investor, you may become an expert and earn money for each copy of your portfolio.

In comparison to other cryptocurrency exchanges, eToro makes the trading procedure as simple as it is possible. All traders are able to navigate the intuitive buy and sell order process of eToro and live-time charting as well as price updates via the ProCharts feature on the platform will assist you in making smart purchase decisions with crypto.

In addition to having a fully operational trading app eToro also has an app for mobile wallets that you can add to your account for additional security. Both apps can be downloaded at no cost to the device of your choice: Apple and Android device.

Click Here to Learn More About Etoro

#2 BlockFi: Best for Interest-Earning Accounts

BlockFi is the top cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers account with a high interest rate. The platform is located in and licensed through the U.S., BlockFi has enabled its users to purchase crypto and begin earning money from 2017.

Supported by the biggest financial players including SoFi along with Fidelity, BlockFi provides a vast array of products to trade, including 11 cryptocurrency.

There’s no need to pay an amount to sign up with BlockFi and the exchange does not charge charges for trading. Also, you don’t need to deposit a minimum amount. BlockFi’s custodial agency, Gemini may offer minimum withdrawal amounts if you own an BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) but not necessarily.

If you are looking for the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange to earn interest then take a look at the BIA. BlockFi provides an per year annual percentage yield (APY) of Bitcoin as well as more APYs for other cryptocurrency. Utilize BlockFi’s interest calculator to figure out the amount you’ll earn from your account in a specific time.

Additionally, BlockFi offers regular trading accounts and business accounts, as well as crypto-backed loans to expand your portfolio, and beginning in the spring of 2021, the the first Bitcoin reward credit card. It is scheduled to launch in a number of U.S. states first, the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card gives you 1.5 percent cash back in Bitcoin for each purchase. You can join the waiting list for the card now!

If you’ve got an adequate knowledge of trading in cryptocurrency it shouldn’t be a problem. issues getting around BlockFi’s BlockFi platform, either using a PC or the app available on smartphones for trading while on the move.


#3 PrimeXBT: Best for Trading CFDs on Cryptocurrency

PrimeXBT is the top cryptocurrency site for trading CFDs in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many different digital currencies. It was founded in Seychelles in the year 2018, PrimeXBT is available in more than 150 countries, with the exception of United States and Canada due to the stricter regulations for crypto exchanges.

While excluding customers from massive markets for cryptocurrency, PrimeXBT has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. While the absence of regulation could be a concern for certain users, be sure that PrimeXBT puts security for users as the top priority by storing money in a secure offline wallet.

Although PrimeXBT lets users deal with more than 50 different assets of all types, the exchange accepts payments made through Bitcoin and not fiat currencies. It is a good thing that you can convert your cash into Bitcoin using an API called Changelly API.

The fact that it is based on Bitcoin makes PrimeXBT one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges to trade CFDs. The cryptocurrency exchange provides CFDs in five cryptocurrencies that are widely used:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • EOS (EOS)

If you’re more knowledgeable about market conditions in general, and not cryptocurrency specifically it is possible to have the right investment into these 5 CFDs instead of actually holding or managing the cryptocurrency itself.

When you open an account on PrimeXBT You’ll need to make a minimum payment in the amount of 0.001 BTC. The service doesn’t charge any deposit fee, however you’ll have to pay a set fee for withdrawals in the amount of 0.0005 BTC every time. PrimeXBT will also charge customers an 0.05 percent charge for all trades that involve cryptocurrency. Be aware that you’ll be charged Changelly charges for conversion as well.

Whatever assets you choose for trading, you’ll be able to enjoy PrimeXBT’s elegant platform that comes with simple tools, such as charting prices, Bitcoin leverage, and copy trading. You can also log into your account using the mobile application for PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT offers 24/7 customer service in English along with eight other languages to serve the world-wide customer base.


#4 Binance: Best for Trading Altcoins

The company is headquartered in Malta since the year The Binance has gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable crypto exchanges that allow trading of cryptocurrency other that Bitcoin. Although the exchange is compliant the U.S. regulations, residents of just 28 states are able to utilize it. But, Binance boasts exceptionally high volume of trading in the global exchange market.

Although Binance lets you trade fiat currency, this crypto exchange shines in relation to the variety of alternative trading options. In comparison with the other Bitcoin platforms, Binance has a more extensive range of cryptocurrency options to trade, including a staggering 600 trading pairs on offer. U.S. traders only have access to about 100 of these pairs, however that’s much more than the majority of platforms provide.

American traders are also unable to create USD deposits, however, you can buy various cryptocurrencies using various payment methods, including debit and credit cards as well as by making EUR and GBP purchase.

Binance charges 0.1 percent cost for both the maker and taker however, these charges decrease with the volume of transactions. Additionally, trading on the native currency on the platform, Binance Coin (BNB) offers an additional 25 percent discount.

In terms of capabilities, Binance provides a host of information for beginners. Yet, the cryptocurrency exchange is especially focused on advanced tools designed for traders with experience with advanced charting tools and an incubator lab for blockchain-related projects, and an opportunity to launch new tokens.

The Binance platform through the exchange’s website or via the Binance smartphone application that can be downloaded for free through the App Store as well as on the Google Play Store.


#5 Coinbase: Most Popular Crypto Site

Since its establishment on the 12th of December the year 2012 U.S.-based Coinbase has become one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges and is a major trading partner in the hands of American crypto traders. Fully licensed, Coinbase operates in more than 40 states and territories.

Coinbase offers 22 cryptocurrencies to trade on its intuitive platform as well as the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) subsidiary, which is available throughout the U.S., U.K., Europe, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Since Coinbase also supports the trading of fiat currencies and trading, it’s one of the top crypto exchanges for novice traders, which allows users to transfer funds directly in their banks.

If you sign up for an account with Coinbase account and make a deposit of $100, you receive an additional bonus that ranges from 5 to 10 dollars. Similar to most cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase is charged a fee for each trade, which ranges between $0.99 to $2.99 depending on the amount of money exchanged.

It may sound a bit high however, luckily Coinbase does not charge any withdrawal charges. Additionally, GDAX doesn’t charge any charges to transfer money between Coinbase as well as GDAX accounts.

If you’re a novice and want to learn more, you’ll love the range of Coinbase features that are tailored to your specific needs. Custodial accounts are a great way for newcomers to start their journey and the extensive collection of educational resources can help you get on the right track.

Once you’ve got the hang of the standard Coinbase interface, you’ll have the option to change to Coinbase Pro which is a cost-free version that is designed for experienced traders. Coinbase Pro boasts more competitive charges as well as greater options for charting and indicators to track your investment.

Whichever version you pick, Coinbase also has one of the top crypto apps that is a mirror of its online platform that is user-friendly. It is possible to download the Coinbase app for free from it’s App Store, or the Google Play Store.

What Is a Crypto Exchange?

Similar to forex or stock exchanges and forex exchanges, a cryptocurrency exchange can be described as an investment platform which provides liquidity to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, which includes Bitcoin and other crypto products made by other companies. You can exchange your cryptocurrency in exchange for a conventional currency such as those of U.S. dollar or Euro (called fiat currencies) or other altcoins.

Users of a crypto exchange website can make purchase and sale orders using two methods: limit or market orders. With a market order you sell your crypto at a the market price. A limit order lets you sell your crypto at an exchange rate you decide to set, thereby giving users of that platform with liquidity. The order can only be accepted when the market price is at the amount you specified.

There are two varieties that we’ll explore in greater detail later on.

Understanding the Types of Crypto Exchanges

Centralized Exchanges

The majority of cryptocurrency investors utilize central crypto exchanges, which are private companies that offer an online platform for users that can exchange cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchanges listed in our list belong to this category.

In addition to active trades, large trading volumes, and a high level of liquidity, centralized exchanges usually offer greater efficiency, and more convenient trading platforms for beginners as well as experienced traders. They handle your assets on the blockchain, meaning you don’t need to pay transaction fees for a mining company to validate the transaction, thus saving both time and cash.

Centralized exchanges are governed by their”Know the Client rule, which means that they require customers to sign up with them and provide proof of identification each when they connect to the platform for crypto exchange. These security precautions provide you with greater peace of mind than an exchange that is not centralized.

Yet, these exchanges are in contradiction to the Bitcoin concept since each exchange has its own server, which makes your data more susceptible to hackers. In addition, a centralized exchange stores your cryptocurrency in its custodial wallet, and not one you own.

The good news is that most central cryptocurrency exchanges have insurance plans to safeguard your cash in case their system fails. Remember that the insurance is only available when the exchange is responsible and if your computer and consequently your account, is damaged, then the policy will not pay for the loss.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are in line with Bitcoin ideals: Instead of only one person controlling a server the decentralized exchange is comprised of individual computers distributed all over the world. If one computer is attacked and is hacked, the entire system will not collapse, rendering large-scale data breaches almost impossible.

Since no central authority oversees the exchange, the regulators aren’t able to subject exchanges that are decentralized to their regulations. So, users don’t need to sign up or prove their identity with a decentralized exchange. They are able to use the platform at their own discretion which can result in areas of narcotics that aren’t a problem.

Even with these disadvantages certain cryptocurrency investors have their reasons to use an exchange that is decentralized. Some people like it because they are able to keep their cryptocurrency in their personal wallets instead of relying on an external entity to hold their wealth.

Another reason to consider is that nobody has the power to stop the trading of cryptocurrencies or take them off an exchange that is decentralized. Many users are very content with these rights which result from the absence of the absence of any regulation.


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