How science has succeeded in medicine

As a scientist, you are familiar with the black box that operates between practitioner and patient. It has multiple dimensions, many components, and will vary with each encounter. It will defy all analysis and human consequences. Its inexplicability is the reason why it deserves detailed criticism. Ultimately, the black box is the best medicine. However, … Read more

Has science made our lives easier?

Technology has changed the world and made it easier for people to travel. New technology has brought man a great deal of advance. With the help of science, the impossible is now possible. One example is online banking. We use technology to learn about different cultures and other people’s facts and opinions. We can do … Read more

How science and technology work together

Despite their differences, science and technology are closely related. In many cases, technology is the motivation for new discoveries in science. For instance, early explorers of electricity created power grids that allow millions of people to perform thousands of tasks at once. Other times, science motivates new technologies. For instance, advances in transistors and superconductors … Read more

How much science has affected our lives

We have always been fascinated by science, yet few people understand how much it has influenced our lives. The application of science is integral for our survival. It helps us meet our basic needs and improve our standard of living. In the 1800s, Edward Jenner proved that vaccines work. A biologist discovered the first antibiotic … Read more