Five best apk games to play in 2021

456 Survival Challenge MOD APK v0.0.9 [Money] (100% Tested)


App Description :

456 Survival Challenge MOD APK

Red Light: Green Light are two of the most challenging challenges in the fish game. We also offer the 456 Survival Challenge, which will help you transform into the principal character 456 and play the following games.

You should try your best to win huge prizes and endure until you become player number 456. Through the rounds, you should face many rivals. It would help if you faced different players throughout the games to increase the excitement. They will appear in the interface with recognizable characters at the end of each round.

 In 456 Survival Challenge

 Red light: The most exciting opening game that attracts many players. The test and battling rates are incredibly high.

 Dalgona candy – requires creativity and careful carefulness to be able to separate sweets.

 The tug of war: Your solidarity, readiness, knowledge, and support should all be fully utilized in this game.

 Jump onto the glass: Memory and karma will help you pass this around quickly. But be careful not to fall for it.

Game Features

 The interface looks fantastic, with a soothing soundtrack that creates a sense of anxiety and rush.

 Keeping your eyes open for new games will keep you busy.

 Get along with real players to increase the difficulty.

 If you are not careful enough, you’ll be the one who fails in all minigames. Then, with a little bit of luck, the vast sum of cash will disappear from your hands and fall under the control of others. So concentrate all of your energy to win each game and be the last survivor.

 Download the 456 Survival Challenge now to get involved in this fascinating game and win the 45.6 billion won prize. Of course, you won’t be disappointed if you play the game with your loved ones.


New in Version 0.0.10

– Add new game mode: Cliffside chaos

– Resolve minor bugs

– Optimize game performance

Flow Legends MOD APK v1.4.3 (Free Rewards) (100% Tested).

App Description :

Flow Legends MOD APK

Customers are in a challenging position. First, save them by fixing the pipes. Then, they can be helped quickly, and many focuses will be purchased.


We’re ready to improve your gaming experience. Game performance and bugs are fixed. Enjoy.

We read all feedback and tried to improve the game. If you like what we do, please leave feedback and suggest improvements.

Funky Bay MOD APK Version 44.0.15 [Unlimited Cash] (100% Tested).

App Description :

Funky Bay MOD APK

Hey! Funky Bay is home to some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world! First, you can build your town and homestead in this tropical paradise. Then, start a series of unique projects and find your way to success. Fascinating creatures and plants will greet you. These charming, vivid characters are full of fascinating stories!

Harvest, process, and sell your products to your customers. Explore new areas, find privateer treasures, settle disputes, and my assets. Be an Adventurer and start your own business. You can also get some actual unwinding in paradise! You don’t have to wait!


* Awe-inspiring landscape and stunning designs

* Design and remodel your homestead with tons of different structures and enrichments

* Use harvest yields and natural products for important merchandise

* Start your adventure with EXPEDITIONS to various islands in Funky Bay

* Purchase pets and animals to your ranch zoo

* Discover and expand your island’s beauty

* Take on risky and exciting ventures to increase your assets

• Play hundreds of different journeys and receive guaranteed rewards and keepsakes

* Get to know the friendly characters in your neighbourhood!


The new update is here!

Are you out of seeds to plant? No problem! You can plant seeds to make coins!

The Underwater World is now open for exploration! Voyage, complete tasks and win amazing prizes

Dragon Marathon: Infinite Run MOD APP v1.2 [Free Reward]

App Description :

Dragon Marathon: Infinite Run MOD APK

The Dragon Marathon is open! Another exciting game is to find the best-winged serpents and gather them together. You’ll likely fly higher than most people think possible, and you’ll be able to collect all the gems along your journey!

The Dragon Marathon is a gruelling race in which it is crucial not only to avoid snags quickly but also to fly away from mythical beasts.

There are winged serpents to keep you from flying higher, and not everything is so simple. This is why you must structure and siphon your team to win as quickly and effectively as possible.

You have many options in this world. For example, you can fly on a rocket to get all the gems you need, be undetectable and use an uncommon magnet to protect yourself from mythical serpents.


Minor bug fixes

DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APP v1.0.4 [MOD] (100% Tried)

App Description :

DogLife MOD APK for BitLife Dogs

What could you do to make DogLife more enjoyable?

Are you able to be an unwavering friend to a family with children or a homeless dog who lives hard in the city? You are a pet shop owner or a mutt who the family does not want.

This sim will take you to a unique new text experience. There are many varieties to choose from, including Labrador retrievers and French bulldogs. German shepherds. Brilliant retrievers. Bulldogs. Dachshunds. Corgis. Australian Shepherds. Fighters. Great Danes. Huskies.

It’s never been more fun to create a virtual creature! There is no story like it: it’s all about you!


Bitizens! We are so happy that you have loved DogLife so far. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback! DogLife is still in its initial stages, so we ask that you bear with us as we improve the game, correct typos and adjust the content based on your feedback. This update contains bug fixes and optimizations. Keep your feedback coming!

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