Seven games for teens that they will love

Teenagers are known for their ability to look at adults with suspicion. However, it is a safe bet that introducing a game in class can turn those frowns around. Teaching teens laughter is a great way to generate positive energy and get them out of their heads. These are six of our top teen-safe games that you can add to your toolbox.


This is a speed- and vocabulary game. Divide the class into two groups and give each team a large vocabulary set (food, clothing, countries). Each team stands in front of the whiteboard. Each line has one student who runs to the whiteboard and writes a word that begins with “A”. The second student returns to their group and adds another word beginning with “B”. This continues until the winning team completes the alphabet or has written the most words within the time limit.

Tip: You can allow teams to leave only a certain number of blank letters or allow the other team to repeat a few words.



  • Running dictation




The game allows you to practice all four skills simultaneously (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Print out a few lines from a story or text to prepare and place them around the class. Students work in pairs and take turns running to the paper, learning as much as possible, then returning to dictate to their partner. This is a difficult task, because students must clearly communicate their ideas, despite the rush to win!

After student A has written B’s sentence down, they move on to the next and dictate it back to student B. The next task is to arrange the sentences.


  • Taboo

This is a great way for students to practice their vocabulary and get them talking. One student must communicate a concept or word with their partner by using only one of the related words. They must have their partner say “cake”, but they can’t use the words “bake”, “flour,”” “oven,” or “cupcake,” nor “dessert,” The students swap roles once their partner has said the word. Prepare a set cards with the target vocabulary at the top and the list below. If you need help, Google will assist you in quickly finding these taboo terms.


  • Direct me

This game is great for practicing directions and prepositions about place and movement. It also serves as a surprising lesson addition. You can play the game by arriving earlier than usual (knows, but it will be well worth it! To arrange the furniture in a maze. Students work in pairs and guide their blindfolded partners through the maze. Instructors should clearly instruct students (“Take three steps forward, then crawl crouching down, then crawl “Walk past,” “Step up ,”).

Tip: Limit chaos by admitting only one pair at a given time.


  • Triple memory

You can make the classic version more difficult by adding a third word. Make cards with three words that “match” to prepare. (You could use large lexical sets, verb forms, or comparative/superlative adjective forms.)



Tall Taller Tallest


Hockey Tennis Basketball


Go Was Gone


Step mother Niece Great Grandfather

Then, flip the cards over and place them face-down on the ground. Students take turns turning over three cards in pairs or small groups. Three words that are “matching” earn points.


  •  Adverb mime



This is a fun game that’s easy to play and a great way to review and practice adverbs. Make cards with different adverbs for each card and grade them according to your class’s level.

Take a look at these:


  • Quickly and happily, quietly, attentively, loudly
  • Suddenly, gently and politely, rudely or beautifully
  • Delightfully, seriously, impatiently and greedily


Students can play as a class, with small competing groups or individually, and each student takes turns choosing a card. Then, they will perform an action according the adverb. You can set a time limit or award points for correctly guessing.

Tip: You can also create verb cards if you so desire. These combinations can make for some hilarious comedy! Think “climb a mountain roughly” or “play the keyboard deliciously

While teens may need to take some time to get into an activity, they can surprise you by their willingness to participate. It is helpful to have a variety of games that teens can use when planning lessons. You can find more information at these classic ELT and these circle games .


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