The Top Insurance Companies in America

Our company has grown from a tiny mutual auto insurance company run by policyholders who worked their time farming in Ohio and has grown to become one of the biggest financial and insurance companies worldwide.


We continue to answer our customers; however, we are more than just automobiles or Ohio farmers. We’re a Fortune 100 company that offers an extensive range of financial and insurance products across the nation. This includes car, motorcycle, and homeowners insurance and farm, pet life, commercial, and life insurance. In addition, annuities, retirement plans, mutual funds, and other health-related services.


Find out the knowledge that more than 22,000 charities already are aware of.


In the world of the insurance industry, one size will not suit all.


The reason is simple: as a nonprofit organization, you require insurance that is specifically tailored to your specific needs and budget. So, if you purchase insurance through us, you’ll receive insurance specifically tailored to nonprofit nonprofits. Additionally, you will receive no-cost risk management services and loss control consulting that can minimize your risk and provide peace of mind which allows you to concentrate on what you love doing best: serving your community.


Top Insurance Companies in U.S.A

Top Insurance Companies in America


The financial markets in the United States are the largest and most liquid around the globe. In 2018, the finance and insurance sector comprised 7.4 percentage (or $1.5 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. A strong leadership position in this vast growth sector results in massive economic activity and the creation of jobs in both indirect and direct ways across the United States.


Financial services and products to facilitate and finance exports of U.S. manufactured goods and agricultural products. In 2017 America exported $114.5 billion in goods and agricultural products. In addition, the United States exported $114.5 billion in insurance and financial services and recorded a $40.8 million surplus in financial services and insurance trade (excluding Reinsurance, the insurance and financial services sectors had surpluses that was $69.6 billion). The financial and insurance industries employed over 6.3 million people as of the close of 2018.


Making investments within the U.S. financial services industry has significant advantages for financial institutions. For example, in 2018, the United States has there were at most 28 financial service businesses out of all the companies listed in the Fortune Global 500 listing have chosen to have their headquarters located within the United States to take advantage of the innovative, competitive, and broad financial services industry. This industry provides the largest range of financial products and instruments that allow customers to control risk, build wealth, and meet their financial requirements.




Banking: At the close of 2018, The U.S. banking system had $17.9 trillion of assets and an annual net profit of $236.8 billion. This sector is the backbone of the world’s largest economy, with the most variety of banks and high levels of private credit on the planet. Fitch Solutions expects asset and loan growth in the U.S. commercial banking sector to continue to grow in the coming years, aided by the above-trend in economic growth.


Asset Management Asset Management: The U.S. asset management subsector is unparalleled in breadth and variety. U.S. asset managers are in the process of meeting the requirements of pension management for more than 60 percent of the world’s retirement market. The total U.S. retirement assets were around $28.2 trillion as of the end of 2017. In addition, if mutual funds and insurance assets are taken into account, U.S. asset managers had nearly $51 trillion in long-term conventional assets under administration in the year 2016 (more than half of the total global in this fund).


The insurance industry: in 2016, the industry’s net insurance premiums paid 2016 totaled $1.1 trillion. According to NAIC information, the number of premiums paid by health and life insurers made up more than 53 percent, and the premiums paid by insurance companies for property and casualty made up 47 percent. Furthermore, approximately 1/3 of all Reinsurance across the globe is bought from U.S. firms. As a result, companies worldwide are looking to establish business partnerships and partnerships together with U.S. insurance companies.

In the United States, Venture Capital is the birthplace of the world’s venture capital (V.C.) industry and continues to be a major source of funding for the most innovative businesses. In 2017 $84 billion was poured into the U.S., the V.C. industry in more than 8,000 transactions (Pitchbook). This was the most amount since the mid-2000s and a sixteen percent increase over the year 2016. Companies backed by V.C. comprise around 38 percent of the U.S. workforce of American public businesses and contribute most research and development in the private sector. They have historically produced revenues that equal 21 % of U.S. GDP. (Stanford University and NVCA)


Private Equity U.S. private equity companies have invested over $500 billion into U.S.-based companies in 2017. The private equity sector within the United States comprises nearly 4,700 investment firms that operate U.S.-based companies across all 50 states. The industry is owned by more than thirty thousand individuals and private U.S. companies. TheThe U.S. companies backed by U.S. private equity firms employ 11.3 million individuals across the United States and 19.6 million individuals worldwide. In 2017, the business service and consumer-related companies accounted for the largest portion of U.S. private equity investment. (AIC)




Alliance of American Insurers

American Bankers Association

American Benefits Council

American Council of Life Insurers

American Countertrade Association

American Insurance Association

Emerging Markets Private Equity Association

Equipment Leasing and Finance Association

Finance, Credit & International Business

Investment Company Institute

Latin American Venture Capital Association

Mortgage Bankers Association

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

National Venture Capital Association

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

Reinsurance Association of America

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

Small Business Investor Alliance


More than 260 companies in Telehealth to keep an eye on 2020


Health and medical facilities all over the U.S. have developed telehealth strategies to connect patients living in remote locations. This is especially crucial during the outbreak of the flu.


Frost & Sullivan anticipates that the growth in Telehealth will reach 64.3 percent by 2020, even though CMS encourages healthcare providers to reinstate services in person. Online visits and remote monitoring technology will be the primary driver of the telehealth market’s growth and will be followed by personal health monitoring and system for emergencies.


Beyond the ability to connect with patients In addition to connecting with patients, hospitals and health care systems utilize telemedicine apps between doctors and specialists to communicate for complicated cases or requiring assistance and expertise.



1-800MD (Charlotte, N.C.). 1.800MD gives individuals and businesses 24/7 access to telehealth services across all of the United States.


19 Labs (Menlo Park, Calif.). 19 Labs provide enhanced telehealth solutions for rural and business communities as well as employers and rpm. Solutions for point of care, which feature advanced remote diagnostic equipment and artificial Intelligence, communication via Zoom, AmWell videos, and education for patients.


98point6 (Seattle). The app 98point6 offers virtual visits to primary care at the cost of a flat rate and provides remote diagnosis via text and treatments.


20/20NOW (San Francisco). 20/20NOW is the creator and the leader in Ocular Telehealth. 20/20NOW offers extensive eye examinations and health screenings using Telehealth. In addition, it joined forces 2018 with General Vision Services 2018 to develop an eye care center that can be mobile, with Ocular health telehealth.


3Derm (Boston). 3Derm can be described as an imaging device that captures images of an individual’s skin and gives three views to a dermatologist to allow virtual visits.


A&D Medical (San Jose, Calif.). A&D Medical manufactures blood pressure monitors as well as other household health products like weight scales.


Access Physician (Dallas). Access Physicians is a provider of high-acuity inpatient remote medicine. Its primary service lines are the fields of neurology, acute stroke as well as pulmonary and critical medical care, maternal-fetal medicine, antibiotic stewardship, and infectious diseases, as well as cardiology, and hospitalist medicine. It collaborates with more than 180 hospitals across 20 states and provides the ability to treat 1.6 million patients of high understanding in the most difficult-to-serve healthcare settings.


ACETIAM Connect (Maynard, Mass.). ACETIAM Connect is a telemedicine solutions company that facilitates safe data transfer between clinicians and hospitals.


Advanced ICU Care (St. Louis). Advanced ICU Care is a high-acuity telemedicine provider that operates the management and provides medical care through tele-ICU and remote monitoring of patients together in collaboration with various hospitals around the United States.


Advantia Health (Arlington, Va.). Pacify is a company acquired through Advantia Health in 2019, is an application for mobile phones that offers immediate support to new mothers. The app can be downloaded and make video calls with doctors and nurses, such as lactation consultants, without making appointments.


AEMtec GmbH (Berlin, Germany). AEMtec GmbH is a business-to-business company that focuses on developing advanced electronic applications and provides expertise for implant, imaging systems, and mobile diagnostics software.


AFC Industries (College Point, N.Y.). AFC Industries creates workspaces to improve productivity and reduce physical strain by focusing on clinical spaces, such as the professional radiology workstation.


DIGNITY (Fremont, Calif.). DIGNITY MobileCare TeleConsult provides the Platform for connecting doctors and patients in real-time using secure audio, video, and text channels to provide better Healthcare and better collaboration.


Aligned Telehealth (Woodland Hills, Calif.). Aligned Telehealth offers both Telehealth and facility-based staffing for behavioral health programs. The company joined forces together with Amwell in December of 2018 to enhance its services.


AMC Health (New York, N.Y.). Since its inception, AMC Health has provided effective, clinically validated remote Health and real-time virtual healthcare solutions. AMC Health’s FDA Class II certified platform, its end-to-end solutions, and services that have been clinically tested let healthcare institutions securely expand their offerings beyond healthcare facilities and ambulatory clinics.


AMD Global Telemedicine (Chelmsford, Mass.). AMD Global Telemedicine developed the Telemedicine Encounter Management Solution, an application utilized in 98 countries that allow patients to communicate to their doctors via a remote connection. In April of 2018, AMD Global Telemedicine launched a direct-to-consumer platform for Telehealth.


Amwell (Boston). Amwell provides health plans, employers, and healthcare providers with mobile and web services that connect doctors and patients via live video. In addition, the company has joined forces in partnership with Samsung Electronics America and Anthem to increase access to telehealth services.


Applied Perceptions (Simi Valley, Calif.). Applied Perceptions provides outsourced customer services, providing clients with the full-service call center and chat and email.


Arizona Telemedicine Program (Tucson). It is part of the University of Arizona College of Medicine located in Tucson; ATC provides telemedicine services to the communities of the state and the possibility of distance learning.


Arkansas e-Link (Little Rock, Ark.). Arkansas e-Link is a statewide HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system that works with more than 500 healthcare and higher education institutions and research and public safety facilities located in underserved, unreachable, and economically depressed areas of Arkansas.


Assured Independence (Seattle). Assured Independence provides turnkey solutions in remote monitoring of patients for managing chronic illness medications and buttons to control wandering and stability.


Avera eCARE (Sioux Falls, S.D.). Avera eCARE supports physicians by giving patients access to various healthcare providers that focus on monitoring Healthcare remotely and medical assistance using videoconferencing technology.


As Healthcare (Redlands, Calif.). As Healthcare is a digital patient engagement platform and asynchronous telemedicine platform with a focus on orthopedic and multispecialty surgery practices.


Azalea Health (Atlanta). Azalea Health is a cloud-based EHR and revenue cycle management solution that integrates telehealth capabilities in its system for medical records and patient portals. It also offers mobile applications and billing software.


Azova (Alpine, Utah). Azova is a software-as-a-service company. It provides services like health clinics for Telehealth, secure messaging online scheduling, population health, and online shopping and digital concierge services.


BAC Telemed (Wesley Chapel, Fla.). BAC Telemed provides:

  • National and international HIPAA-secured Telemedicine.
  • Back-office support.
  • Real-time assistance to doctors.


Beam (Palo Alto, Calif.). The beam is a hybrid of natural mobility and cloud-based videoconferencing using its Beam application.


Bewell Connect (Boston). Bewell Connect’s Platform, the U.S. subsidiary of French company Visiomed Group, collects data from connected health devices and gives access to other health-related services.


Biometric Signature ID (Dallas). Biometric Signature ID is a prominent maker of biometric I.D. verification software that uses multifactor authentication.


Bio-Nexus (Netanya, Israel). The company was established in 2010, and Telemedicine is a solution for civilian and military sectors. Its mobile workflow system offers an end-to-end, cross-platform solution for dynamic and interactive digital medical treatment protocols and records.


Blue Cirrus Consulting (Greenville, S.C.). Blue Cirrus Consulting (Greenville, S.C.). Blue Cirrus telehealth team partners with healthcare institutions throughout the U.S. to assist with the business strategy and planning process hiring, technology acquisition, staffing, and initiatives.


Blue Sky Telehealth (Greenwood Village, Colo.). Blue Sky Telehealth provides emergency as well as routine consultations to increase access to specialist care. In addition, blue Sky Telehealth offers cost-effective solutions for hospitals that require immediate access to board-certified doctors.


Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies (Port Saint Lucie, Fla.). This Bongiovi Medical Digital Power Station can effectively tackle the audio issues common to Telemedicine solutions, leading to enhanced experience through improved audio communication and auscultation.

Braster (Warsaw, Poland). Braster (Warsaw, Poland). Braster Device uses a breakthrough method of using liquid crystals to screen breast cancer to allow women to undergo breast self-examination at home.


Bright. M.D. (Portland, Ore.). Bright. M.D.’s SmartExam is a virtual physician’s assistant that automatizes medical care and communications between doctors and patients for quicker diagnosis and easier and more efficient treatment that can cut down to as much as 90 percent of time spent treating conditions with low severity.


Brother OmniJoin Group (Bridgewater, N.J.). Brother OmniJoin Group provides secure, cloud-based HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solutions that connect healthcare providers and clinicians with a wider geographically dispersed patient base.


Cactus Aero (Scottsdale, Ariz.). Cactus Aero’s main focus is the creation of Connected Aircraft Communication Systems solutions that aid clients in marketing and in the development of advanced onboard and air-to-ground communication solutions, which include video conferencing at low bandwidth Telemedicine.


Canfield Scientific (Parsippany, N.J.). Canfield Scientific is a global manufacturer of imaging systems products, services, and solutions for research in science and healthcare applications.


Canon USA (Melville, N.Y.). The eye screening technology of Canon USA is an easy software solution that allows providers to conduct retinal screenings. Then, they immediately transmit the images to doctors in any location for diagnosis purposes.


Capture proof (San Francisco). Capture proof allows healthcare professionals and patients to share information via videos and photos securely from any location at any time.


Care Innovations (Roseville, Calif.). Care Innovations connects patients to their care team via technology-based solutions. They also collect information, aggregate it, and analyze it to give clinicians real-time insights.


Cardinal Health (Dublin, Ohio). A major provider of telepharmacy services, Cardinal Health Remote Pharmacy Services, offers remote prescriptions and review, medical consultations, and clinical interventions, improves patient safety, and helps hospitals comply with accreditation and pharmacy board standards.


CareClix (Washington, D.C.). Established in 2006, CareClix offers software and services for applications in Telemedicine. The company has developed telemedicine tools for clinics and hospitals to communicate with patients and their caregivers. (Eatontown, N.J.). offers remote monitoring of patients and video-based expertise to secure health solutions via Telehealth.


CarePICS (Raleigh, N.C.). CarePICS is an online clinical imaging system that providers can save, publish and communicate information in real-time. The technology’s wound measurement feature calculates the wound’s size, surface area, and width.


CareSkore (Mountain View, Calif.). CareSkore offers individualized methods for managing populations for risk stratification, engagement of patients as well as chronic management.

Certified Languages International (Portland, Ore.). Certified Languages International has interpretive telephone services, video-on-demand remote Interpreting, and document translation services, which provide access to interpreters in greater than 200 foreign languages.


ChARM Health (Pleasanton, Calif.). ChARM Health’s Platform comprises EHR practices management, revenue cycle management, mobile health apps, and Telehealth. The company’s telehealth platform allows virtual visits to patients.


Chetu (Plantation, Fla.). Chetu collaborates with healthcare institutions to ensure that their software conforms to the regulations. In addition, it provides a range of software development options for practices management and health information exchange EHRs, and much more.


Children’s Health S.M. Virtual Care (Dallas). Children’s Health developed S.M. Virtual Care in 2013 to increase accessibility to care via Telemedicine. TeleNICU by Children’s Health Virtual Care TeleNICU by Children’s Health Virtual Care is a safe connection to outside levels 2 and 3 NICUs and offers 24/7 access to the most advanced Level four NICU experts.


Chiron Health (Austin, Texas). Chiron Health, a Medici company, provides technology-based solutions to increase patient satisfaction, improve reimbursement, reduce costs and increase efficiency in practice.


Chronolife (San Diego). Chronolife is a health-related artificial intelligence company that designs remote monitoring and solutions for predictive analysis.


CirrusMD (Denver). CirrusMD is a platform for digital communication that connects patients with doctors via texts, images, or video messages.


CipherHealth (New York City). The company was established in 2009 CipherHealth is an engagement platform for patients that offers digital rounding, checklists, care coordination, outreach for patients, and others.


ClickAClinic (Lake Worth, Fla.). ClickAClinic is an online clinic that provides patients 24-7 medical consultations with psychiatrists, doctors, and therapy professionals.


Cloud DX (Brooklyn, N.Y.). Cloud DX is a developer of remote vital sign monitoring equipment, software, and mobile applications.


Cloudbreak Health (Columbus, Ohio, and El Segundo, Calif.). Cloudbreak Health provides more than 1 million minutes of Telemedicine consults each month, connecting patients with providers via its marketplace for Telehealth. Cloudbreak Health provides around 90,000 visits per month to more than 1,000 clinics.


CMI Health (Alpharetta, Ga.). CMI Health creates, manufactures, and sells patient monitors at home that record and transmit patients’ vitals to health professionals.


Cohero Health (New York City). Cohero Health offers mobile respiratory disease management equipment and software to monitor medication use and lung functions.


Connected Technology Solutions (Menomonee Falls, Wis.). Connected Technology Solutions develops customizable patient check-in kiosks.


ConnectedPulse (Dallas). ConnectedPulse is a supplier of wireless vital monitors for homes that transmit and store measurements on its server.


Contec Medical Systems (Qinhuangdao, China). Contec Medical Systems, founded in 1996 as a medical device maker and distributor, currently has more than 20 product categories, including telemedicine equipment.


Continuity Health (Dallas). Continuity Health provides technology solutions for companies to help virtualize healthcare delivery across the continuum.


Continue (Jacksonville, Fla.). Continuwell provides a customized mobile health and wellness app for employers, which includes providing 24/7 telemedicine.


Corstrata (Savannah, Ga.). Corstrata offers telehealth services as well as clinical expertise for chronic wounds and ostomies. It is designed to give access to accredited doctors of ostomy and wounds and enhance financial results.



Curates (Lombard, Ill.). Established in 2015, Curatess offers a platform that allows health professionals to offer remote Healthcare to patients. Curatess’ Essential Care platform focuses on care coordination and offers an advanced, open-source telehealth feature.


CureCompanion (Wilmington, Del.). CureCompanion offers a white-label, telemedicine platform for health care providers and telemedicine equipment manufacturers, and I.T. firms.


Current Health (Boston). Current Health provides the leading FDA-approved, artificial intelligence-powered remote monitoring platform for patients that helps healthcare providers cut down on risks, costs, and readmissions while improving patient outcomes and delivering more effective, proactive Healthcare.


CyraCom Language Solutions (Tucson, Ariz.). CyraCom Language Solutions offers healthcare providers video and phone services that include localization and on-site interpretations. They also provide interpreter training for healthcare professionals.


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care (Lebanon, N.H.). Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected care works with doctors and healthcare establishments across Northern New England to offer telemedicine services to over 2 million people.


Dictum Health (Oakland, Calif.). Dictum Health offers end-to-end mobile and cloud-based solutions for Telehealth with real-time health data streaming and monitoring of vital signs services, in addition to.


Digidose (Allentown, Pa.). Digidose is the next-generation home health hub and a personal medication dispenser, which allows direct interaction between providers and patients.


Dignity Health Telemedicine Network (Sacramento, Calif.). Dignity Health Telemedicine Network connects patients and physicians with specialists via audio and video feeds to facilitate consultations regarding diagnosis and treatment.


Dizzion (Denver). Dizzion provides virtual desktop services that can be used to support telehealth applications.


Docademic (Mexico City). Docademic is the only health service platform that offers free basic Healthcare via online video chats.


Doctor on Demand (San Francisco). Doctor on Demand allows patients to consult board-certified physicians to treat various pediatric, medical, and mental health problems.


DocViaWeb (Coral Springs, Fla.). DocViaWeb is focused on developing Telemedicine and telemonitoring solutions and solutions that enable patients to receive diagnostics and medical care in more comfortable locations.


Doximity (San Francisco). Doximity is the most popular healthcare platform, providing digital tools that allow doctors to improve their productivity to provide superior care for their patients. Doximity provides more than 150 health care facilities across the country through its telehealth service, Doximity Dialer, and lets clinicians conduct virtual visits with patients in real-time from any device, with no downloads for patients or logins are required.


Eden Health (New York City). Eden Health is a personal health platform made up of health professionals such as benefits experts, benefits specialists, and other experts, created to assist employees in navigating the health insurance world.


Eagle Telemedicine (Atlanta). The physician-led telemedicine company works with hospitals to help the establishment of telehealth models for care.


eClinicalWorks (Westborough, Mass.). eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based EHR and health management for the population patient engagement, Revenue Cycle Management solutions supplier. The company released the telehealth mobile application on June 17, 2017.


eDevice (Merignac, France). The eDevice solutions transfer data safely between medical devices and patients, providing connectivity solutions for medical device makers.


Image global (Chapel Hill, N.C.). Eimageglobal’s medical cloud platform connects institutions across the country and diagnostic tools and provides telemedicine and data analytics.


Eko Devices (Berkeley, Calif.). Eko Devices offers a platform of non-invasive cardiovascular devices that include an electronic stethoscope and an electrocardiogram combined with a digital stethoscope device.


Electronic Caregiver (Las Cruces, N.M.). Alongside emergencies, Electronic Caregiver technologies incorporate the capabilities of monitoring of activity and medications management, and family monitors applications and remote medicine.


E-Psychiatry (Columbus, Ind.). e-Psychiatry provides telepsychiatry and the tools and programs for teletherapy for healthcare providers and directly to patients in addition to accessibility to its nationwide database of providers for mental Health.


Everbridge (Burlington, Mass.). Everbridge is a worldwide software company that offers vital safety and communication applications to keep businesses operating during important occasions.

eVisit (Mesa, Ariz.). eVisit uses technology to simplify complex clinical workflows and allows physicians to build upon their existing relationships with their patients.


We examined (Atlanta). Examined provides doctors with technology for virtual Healthcare to treat patients remotely via an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant, video-enabled Platform. The Platform allows quick reimbursement of video-based visits, provides patients’ scheduling and messaging features (asynchronous encounters), and provides seamless EMR/EHR connectivity.

Executive Communication Systems (Ventura, Calif.). Executive Communication Systems is an equipment and accessories supplier, providing equipment for transcription and dictation since the year 1990.


Figure 1 (Toronto, Canada). Connecting with millions of health specialists, the figure allows doctors to share their stories on mobile devices to other doctors across the globe to review.

Firefly Global (Belmont, Mass.). Firefly Global provides wireless microscopes that are portable and magnifying cameras that feature live video transmission in real-time.


Fango (New York City). Fango is a healthcare I.T. solutions provider that has platforms specifically designed for healthcare providers, payers, long-term-care centers, transplant centers, and other health facilities to simplify processes and allow patients to be involved at home.

They framed (Ventura). Formed is a health care provider for the population: management company and a provider of telehealth services.


ForaCare (Moorpark, Calif.). ForaCare is a software business that develops products to aid in managing chronic diseases.


Freestate Health (Wichita, Kan.). Freestate hopes to fill in the health gaps for rural Americans by utilizing telemedicine apps. The company offers outpatient and inpatient telehealth in 20 different specialties in more than 34 hospitals across Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico and New York.


GCX Corp. (Petaluma, Calif.). GCX is an American corporation that provides medical instruments along with I.T. mount solutions.


G.D. (Ridgefield, N.J.). G.D. enhances Healthcare through the development of extensive mobile Telemedicine, communications and notification solutions for prehospital and hospital settings.

Genoa Healthcare (New York City). Genoa Healthcare offers a platform to connect patients to mental health professionals, focusing on the under-served population.


Ginger (San Francisco). Ginger is a nationwide medical service provider that provides mental and emotional health care. With an expert team of therapists, coaches, and psychiatrists, the firm employs artificial Intelligence and machine learning to offer services in collaboration with 40 healthcare providers across the United States.


GlobalMed (Scottsdale, Ariz.). GlobalMed provides a virtual health platform that helps patients throughout the entire range of care. Healthcare providers can utilize the EHR-integrated software that comes with tools for data capture and delivery systems to facilitate the virtual health check-up.


Global Partnership for Telehealth (Blackshear, Ga.). Global Partnership for Telehealth, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide economic and long-lasting telehealth programs and solutions, runs an extensive network that includes more than 620 clinical devices.


Glooko (Mountain View, Calif.). Glooko revolutionizes Health through digital technology by linking patients who have diabetes with their healthcare providers and facilitating the use of Telehealth, clinical research, and better collaboration. The company helps with diabetes management by capturing and unlocking the potential of data from BG-meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, and pens, bringing information together in one central location.


GlucoMe (Yarkona, Israel). Glencoe is a privately-owned company that provides a digital diabetes-related platform.


Greenway Health (Tampa, Fla.). Greenway offers EHR practices management, EHR virtual care, practice management, and revenue cycle management services that aid practices across multiple specialties become profitable, remain legally compliant, perform more efficiently, and enhance the quality of care for patients. Greenway has a relationship with over 55,000 providers of ambulatory care across many specialties.


Health Recovery Solutions (Hoboken, N.J.). Health Recovery Solutions supplies medical centers and home care organizations with a monitoring platform remotely designed to change the way patients behave to decrease readmissions and enhance the quality of care.


HealthePractices (West Nyack, N.Y.). HealthePractices offers business development and consultation services for businesses engaged in Telemedicine and medical imaging, focusing on urgent care, teleradiology elderly care, and artificial Intelligence.


HealthX (Indianapolis). HealthX provides health portals that aim to provide a point of access to health information to payers and consumers, providers and.


HeraMED (Netanya, Israel). HeraMED is a technology solution for monitoring pregnancy providers for mothers who are expecting with self-monitoring options.


HNC Virtual Solutions (Wixom, Mich.). HNC Virtual Solutions, part of the J&B Medical Supply family of companies, provides telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions for patients.

Hodei Technology (Indianapolis). Hodei Technology develops, deploys, and sells technology that combines Google Glass and nanotechnology for Telehealth applications in rural areas and monitor surgical procedures.


Honeywell Life Care Solutions (Brookfield, Wis.). Honeywell Life Care Solutions -an element of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions is a health management company that develops and remotely monitors patient Health.


Howard Medical (Ellisville, Miss.). Howard Medical focuses on solutions to meet multiple needs of technology at the point of care, including medical carts and wall-mounted workstations.

Hoy Health (Morristown, N.J.). Hoy Health is a Hispanic healthcare technology company that is owned by veterans that offers a comprehensive cash-based, bilingual, virtual primary care system that allows anyone, especially those with medically limited access and non-insured people who are unable to pay for their primary healthcare requirements without the assistance of a third-party insurance provider. In addition, the Platform offers remote monitoring of patients, Telemedicine, and access to medication programs.


Huntingdon Telemed (Bonita Springs, Fla.). Huntingdon Telemed manufactures a portable medical cart.


The care hub (Weston, Fla.). ICAREHub is a HIPAA-certified cloud-based Platform that allows hospitals ACOs, health plans doctors, or authorized users to share their patient’s medical information.


Ieso Digital Health (Cambridge, England). Ieso Digital Health provides digitally enhanced services for mental Health to private patients, providers, and businesses. The Platform and its programs offer clinically validated one-to-one safe, in-real-time, and certain cognitive therapy programs.


iHealthHome (Seattle). iHealthHome utilizes software on the web to allow monitoring of patients at home.


Imediplus (Chupei City, Taiwan). Oedipus produces monitoring solutions and medical equipment for extreme and acute treatment of patients.


Impact Advisors (Naperville, Ill.). Impact Advisors is a healthcare consulting firm that is dedicated to improving Healthcare with technology. It assists clients in the create, implement and improve the effectiveness of telehealth programs.


In-demand Interpreting (Tukwila, Wash.). In-demand Interpreting can be described as a medical interpreting solution service for people with hearing impairments or with a limited English level of proficiency.


Ingenium Healthcare Advisors (Washington, D.C.). Ingenium Healthcare Advisors partners with healthcare leaders to provide education and strategic planning for technical and clinical staff to improve the quality of care.


InnovaTel Telepsychiatry (Erie, Pa.). InnovaTel Telepsychiatry provides telepsychiatry solutions for care centers that are in poor areas.


InSight (Marlton, N.J.). InSight is a large organization that provides telepsychiatry care in every setting across the continuum of care.


Empathy (Marlton). Inpathy is a health telebehavioral platform and network that offers users behavioral health services at their homes or from other private areas.


Insung Information (Seoul, South Korea). Insung Information lets users quickly recognize vital signs and get advice from medical professionals anytime, using tablets or smartphones.


GETIXHealth (Wyoming, Mich.). GETIXHealth provides physicians and hospitals with medical billing solutions, including the issuance of credentialing, coding, and cycle management.


IntellaTriage (Mundelein, Ill.). IntellaTriage offers nurse-based Telehealth and triage solutions for hospice groups, physician groups, ACOs, home health, IDNs, insurers, and employers.


Integron (New York City). Integron manages Internet of Things services that serve the energy, health, and transportation sectors.


Interactive Health Concepts (Phoenix). Interactive Health Concepts provides telemental health services to urban and rural communities.


InTouch Health (Goleta, Calif.). InTouch Health provides Telemedicine, robotics, and telecommunications services to aid health care facilities in the deployment of telehealth services quickly.


Iris Telehealth (Austin, Texas). Iris Telehealth connects hospitals and community health centers to qualified mental health professionals through private videoconferences.


Iron Bow Healthcare (Herndon, Va.). Iron Bow’s approach of collaboration and consultation assists customers in selecting, designing, and acquiring, and integrating telehealth systems customized to their particular requirements.


IVCi (Hauppauge, N.Y.). IVCi provides audio-visual integration, video conferencing, unified communication, and cloud and voice services to businesses around the world.



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