Star Wars technology scientists are working on right now

Star Wars is a legendary series of science fiction films that have been released since 1977. Technologies that were shown 45 years ago and seemed fantastic, may become a reality in the near future. Of course, many of the technologies shown in the film still look no less fantastic, but some of them are already being developed by modern scientists. Others have already been successfully tested in the real world. In this article, we are going to talk about some incredible technologies that are gradually becoming a reality.

Fighting robots androids

Fighting robots have been used by humans for decades. Some of them can perform many actions automatically. But their artificial intelligence is far from being able to work completely offline. And there are no android robots (humanoid robots) at all in any army in the world.

However, the American company Boston Dynamics is actively working in this direction. They have created bipedal robots that can overcome various obstacles. In addition, not so long ago, a bipedal robot was introduced by Elon Musk. According to the idea, it should become assistants for people in everyday affairs.

Bionic hands

Bionic prostheses are no longer just science fiction. Tesla regularly demonstrates various bionic prostheses on its social network.

Such prostheses, thanks to special sensors, can read the electrical signals generated by muscle tissue during muscle tension. There are also models that are controlled even directly by the brain.

Some prosthetic manufacturers use Luke Skywalker’s bionic arm as a prototype. For example, such a prosthesis from the company Open Bionics costs about 20,000 US dollars.

Laser swords

Jedi laser swords are one of the most memorable technologies from the Star Wars movie. In fact, no such weapon exists. And it’s not that it’s difficult to create it – it’s just not necessary. The sword, even if it is super-technological, is not very effective against machine guns and machine guns.

Land Speeders

As you know, the best vehicle for driving through the dunes of Tatooine are land speeders. They are some hybrids of a car and a hovercraft. This air cushion technology has been known since the late 1950s when it was used on ships.

VonMercier is preparing to release a hovercraft sports car that can accelerate to a speed of 96 km / h on land. In addition, several other companies have already created flying cars and motorcycles, which will be mass-produced in the near future. They look even more impressive and fantastic than a hovercraft.

Warp drive

In the Star Wars movie, spaceships were capable of traveling vast distances and even jumping through space. This technology of all of the above seems to be the most fantastic so far. However, some scientists have been studying these technologies for a long time.

Some physicists claim that they are confident in the existence of objects with distorted space and time – crown holes. They are a space-time tunnel. However, jumps in space can provide not only wormholes. In 1994, physicist Miguel Alcubierre published an article in which he spoke about the operation of the warp drive. He claims that with equal amounts of positive and negative energy it is possible to compress the space in front of the ship and expand it behind the ship. Therefore, such technology may well appear in the real world. And then it will cease to be fantastic. If you want to get an unreal feeling and have fun – you can visit the sports bookie site and choose a real casino game or bet on sports.

I would only talk about a few technologies that are most interesting from the point of view of science today. It is not known whether they will ever become a reality, but there are all possibilities for

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