What is an off-spinner?


One of the most fundamental functions that some players execute while playing cricket is to bowl. In simple terms, bowlers are the players who throw the ball against the wickets. Batsmen usually try to counteract the bowlers by batting through numerous ways. The 1x.news website is the best source for information regarding everything happening in … Read more

How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency Wallet


Keeping your privacy and digital footprint secure is of utmost importance. In this day and age, you must do whatever possible to keep your information safe. That includes protecting your cryptocurrency. People often buy cryptocurrency from exchanges and store them in digital wallets. When you purchase cryptocurrency, it automatically goes to your wallet. The fiat … Read more

7 Mind-blowing Movies Every Rummy Lover Should Watch

Movies and games are the two primary forms of entertainment across the globe, including in India. But, similar to the popularity of cricket in the country, when it comes to card games, rummy takes the cake. Owing to the game’s timelessness and popularity, the game was reborn in the online gaming sector with slight twists … Read more

What are the Best Bonus Features in Slots?

Bonus features always spice things up when you are playing slots like Chilli Heat slot. Each bonus adds a different set of perks to the game, making the slot easy and fun to play. Since they are so coveted, developers love experimenting with the bonus features and keep adding something new to their slots now … Read more

NFT Games to Earn Crypto in 2022 Coming Soon

NFT games

Gamers are already flocking to non-fungible tokens. But in 2022, they’ll be earning crypto for playing games like never before. Some games have begun to experiment with this idea in recent years. Still, the big shift will occur in 2022 as more projects enter the market and blend cryptocurrency mining with game design and gameplay … Read more