«Honey, I want to be an interracial cuckold!» What to do if you are interested in this topic?

You are not the first or the last guy who has realized that he is turned on by the fantasy of his wife flirting, going on dates and having sex with other men. If you imagine this partner as a person of a particular race with a more muscular figure, a larger penis and is dominant, then you have an interracial cuckolding fantasy. Being an interracial cuckold means getting pleasure through humiliation. This is a common fetish that attracts many of us who enjoy role reversal and BDSM.

Such different cuckold dynamics

First of all, you should understand your motives, and an interracial cuckold community like the BlacktoWhite forum will help you figure this out. Reading and communicating among people on the topic will help you at the first stage. You may ask: «Why do I need to understand my motives? I just want to try this!»

We don’t understand what drives our sexual fantasies often. Even cuckolding has many different scenarios, each of which has its own characteristics. Some men want submission to their wife and her bull. Some people are simply aroused by thoughts and fantasies when their wife goes on sexual dates with others. Someone wants to enjoy the fact that his wife is having fun with a man who is superior to him in physical parameters.

Other guys want to be humiliated and insulted while playing cuckold. And some experience pleasure from the fact that their woman is simply having a good time with other partners. As you can see, these are all facets of the sexual cuckold fetish.

What should you do?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Once you figure out exactly what you want in an interracial cuckold dynamic, then you should share your fantasies with your wife. You can tell her your fantasies, and why you are excited by the idea of her enjoying it.
  2. If your partner agrees to try this, then congratulations! You can move on to the next step. Discuss boundaries. They are different for everyone, and you should be prepared for the fact that they may not coincide. Find out what each partner is willing to do and what will be comfortable for you.
  3. Start with role play or flirting at a bar. Fantasies are not at all what you can expect in reality. You can play a role-playing cuckold game to imagine how you both will behave with new feelings, desires and emotions.
  4. Use special dating sites. This will make things easier for you because people have ideas about cuckolding here. You can meet both couples to discuss issues and find a date bull that suits you.

Why should you share an interracial cuckold fantasy with your wife?

Many men hesitate to share their sexual fantasy with their wife for years. Keeping this information silent will not make you happier. In most cases, men are the ones who initiate the first conversation about the desire for cuckolding.

Also, many men are afraid of judgment from their wives. But frank conversation, trust and respect in a couple are the criteria that will help you have successful and trusting conversations. Cuckolding is a couple’s game, so you should share your ideas with your wife sooner or later if you want results.

If your woman agrees to the development of this sexual fantasy, then you will have a journey that will take some time, but it will be an exciting and passionate search for yourself and you as a couple of spouses. You will be able to support each other at every stage, enjoy new emotions, even if some stages are delayed.

Listen to each other, and you will certainly have a hot journey into the world of interracial cuckolding and new rich feelings and experiences.

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