RBG Boost in the game World of Warcraft

Raiting Battleground is a separate category of PVP content in World of Warcraft ,where battles take place on large maps with groups of 10v10. The format has been around since the Cataclysm and is still popular today. There are more rating cards, members now receive honor and conquest points that can be spent to buy equipment. For victories and defeats, the rating changes, which opens up access to ranks and unique rewards in the season.

Fighting a BG is not the same as fighting a boss in a raid or Mythic dungeon. The battle is dynamic, more variables are RBG Boost WoW added and something can always go wrong. Experienced players have long come up with scenarios for certain types of maps, but everything still depends on the individual responsibility of the players. You need to be well versed in the abilities of other classes, what are the tricks and tricks against opponents.can partially help with this Addons, but they still will not allow you to play well, especially at a very high rating.

In order not to understand the intricacies of rated battlegrounds for a long time, you can always count on the help of third-party players. An experienced group of 9 people will help you get the right rating, open up access to unique rewards and weapon models that will become unavailable at the end of the season. You can play alone with players, but then they don’t guarantee 100% win rate in every battle. It is better to leave your character in the hands of a booster in order to raise the required rating in a short time.

Features RBG in World of Warcraft

There are several types of RBG in World of Warcraft – capture the flag and capture the point. Battles can take place between 10×10, 15×15 and 25×25 people. But the rating is awarded only in 10 vs 10 battles. To take part in the first rating battle, it is recommended to know the following:

  • To play in the rating, participants must collect a raid of 10 players, and only then join the RBG. The group can contain characters of level 60, the quality of the equipment does not matter. But the group with higher ilvl is more likely to win the battle.
  • After the victory, the participants receive a rating, as well as a special currency – conquest points. It can be spent on purchasing or upgrading items from a vendor. The currency has a weekly cap, which increases with each subsequent week. Ranking advances you through the rank system, unlocking new rewards.
  • New characters start with a rating of zero, which goes up for each win. It is only lowered on losses, when its value is higher than the average matchmaking figure. That is, when you get into a pack of very strong characters with a high rating and lose the battle, your indicator may remain unchanged.
  • At the end of the season, the best players (0.5% of the total) receive unique titles and rewards (items, mounts, transmogs, weapon enchants).
  • The winning chance of a group that uses a voice channel is significantly higher than that of a mixed pack without voice. You can also try installing special addons will RBGmake it easier to understand the basic mechanics of the battle.

Rating Battleground is a fun activity as long as you don’t start playing to progress. If you do not have much time and experience on the battlefields, then it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. They will boost your character in a few days, opening access to all unique rewards.

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