New World Review in Progress – This is The World You are Looking

Leaping an MMORPG genre is an enormous task for the owners of a company, such as Amazon Games, which is relatively new to the market and experienced an uneasy beginning. After a few setbacks, it’s now making a comeback and launching New World. New World’s launch comes with many MMO players, including me, who are looking for something fresh to invest their time, and cash into. Let’s take a look and determine if you want to go for a spin in New World or watch the ship’s sails go by and await the next instalment.

It is important to note that I haven’t yet finished the game’s story or reached the maximum amount of sixty. Therefore, I’ll revise this review to reflect my thoughts and observations at that New World endgame.

Welcome to Aeternum

New World Review in Progress

New World is set on an island that’s gone through time. When you’re on the island, it’s impossible to leave. Magical storms can wreck any ship that is sailing the waters around. There are two possibilities for those living on the island: you either immortalize yourself or are a member of the withered. Withered are dead and mindless. For the immortals, just like you when your character dies, this island will bring you back. I love that the concept of respawning is embedded in the story of the game.

The entire “curse that rises people out of the grave” concept isn’t entirely new, but it’s being done in a manner that points at mysteries that are waiting to be discovered. I’m interested in learning more about it, even though the 60 hours of gaming I’ve played to date haven’t been enthralling. There’s no sense of tension. Your character is content to be helping others and appears to be without desires for themselves. There’s nothing to worry about or passion for motivating them. New World requires the addition of emotions to fuel the story. I’m trying to find an individual that I connect with: Illidan Stormrage or Jaina Proudmoore.

While the plot hasn’t captivated me, the gameplay is. It’s enthralling and loads of enjoyable. The number of different tasks that you can complete is astounding. Even if the plot proves to be boring, it’s not going to be boring when you’re in New World.


Aeternum is Beautiful


The world is beautiful. The MMORPG experience is refreshing, which doesn’t feature graphics that date back to the 2000s. It’s alive with all the players rushing around, doing quests, collecting materials, and fighting for control over the land. The sound design aids in this as well. The constant sound of the people cutting off trees and mining for minerals firing muskets, and firing in the distance is among the most immersive aspects of New World.

Find yourself

When you begin the game, you’ll wash up in the waters of Aeternum in one of the four beginning locations. These are the areas where you’ll master the fundamentals of fighting, gathering and crafting. The initial stages in New World are beginner-friendly and let you play with all the weapons in the game. Each gun comes with unique abilities that you can gain through combat. Your weapon choices and traits make up your game. These are the primary weapons you’ll find in New World, and you’ll be tempted to test each one. The system is identical to The Elder Scrolls Online but with some modifications to make it more flexible.

A New World Weapon Skills


At levels up to 20, you can exchange your abilities for no cost. Thus, you will never lose the advancement you gain on different weapon trees. You can also explore the strength of two-handed weapons, such as the great axe and hammer, or you could build up your knowledge and assume the role of a mage. I enjoyed this initial opportunity to experiment with my choices. However, I also wanted all of the options. The spear and the sword were among my favourites. But, at first, I adored the shield and sword. At 20, it will cost gold to alter your attribute; however, it’s not excessively costly. I’ve done it three times.


I am a massive fan of the process of creating new designs for the New World. They’re not complicated, which makes it possible for casual players to build their own. It’s not necessary to research or follow the meta build. Any build will work fine. Specific builds are better than others. However, you’ll know the difference between a build that works or not. There’s no wrong method for playing New World. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s a great feeling to know that any action you take on your character, which affects the gameplay, can be reversed or modified.


The war continues

The first step is selecting which faction to join. It would help if you chose from Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate. Three sections are fighting to control the island. There are zones on the map, and each faction has the power to rule the zones. For example, a New World’s guild company can claim the area for the section and manage it as the land baron. They can establish taxes, improve the towns as well as declare war once needed. You can take part in faction-based missions to destroy territories held by enemies or strengthen your own. It’s an exciting system that enhances the excitement of the game.


Aeternum Map


New World has a strong emphasis on PvP. I would like you to be involved in the fight for the island. But, if you’d prefer to keep your PvP off and take pleasure in the PvE elements that the game offers, then you can opt to do so. It’s not necessary to participate in the fight across the island until you’re at your level. I love the PvP, and usually quiet town with it activated. It makes exploration and questing more thrilling because I might be fighting an opponent to the death for me. But, going it on your own is risky. I’ve been slain a few times by a gang of wandering Syndicate or Covenant. But, I’ve had far greater success when I join forces with my buddies or with other Marauders.