Drift Hunters – A Free Drifting Game To Enjoy At Home, School, Or Work

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a car, you’ve probably experienced the urge to throw your car sideways and drift through your neighborhood, just like in The Fast and the Furious movies. 

Unfortunately, this behavior isn’t acceptable in most places, and most cars aren’t tuned for this kind of action. However, you don’t need to give up on your drifting dreams. 

Thankfully, Drift Hunters provides the ability to engage in realistic drifting across several locales, sharpening your skills until you’ve mastered each track. 

If you want to pull off sick drifts, but your mom’s minivan can’t cut it, then here are a few features of Drift Hunters that make it the ultimate drifting experience.

A Full Drifting Experience

Drift Hunters is built on a realistic, physics-based drifting system. 

To drift successfully, you will need to consider your car’s weight, speed, the angle of your approach, and the careful application of brakes. This makes the Drift Hunters’ experience more of a simulator than an arcade game without fulfilling gameplay. 

It will take time to learn the skills necessary to excel in Drift Hunters, but reaching that point is an incredible feeling.

No-Cost Fun

A game that has mechanics this well-thought-out and polished would typically cost you a good chunk of change, but Drift Hunters is different. 

All of the game’s content and features are available free of charge for everyone. This makes Drift Hunters the go-to choice for car lovers of all ages and situations. 

A younger fan can play Drift Hunters after school, while an adult might jump into the game for a few minutes between Zoom meetings. 

Plenty of Cars

To get you around on Drift Hunters’ 10 awesome tracks, the game features over 25 cars based on real-life sports cars. 

Beloved vehicles like the Nissan GTR and Dodge Challenger Hellcat are represented in the game, and rendered in accurate detail. 

What’s even better, each of the cars available can be upgraded in multiple categories to increase their performance on the track. Fully upgrading each car will take some time and quite a bit of drift points, but the endeavor is worth it. 

If you grow tired of any of your cars’ appearance, you can customize them by changing their paint job. There are 4 paint types (Metallic, Glossy, Chrome, and Matte) and basically unlimited colors to choose from. 

No Download Required

In addition to being completely free, Drift Hunters is super accessible. All you need to do is find the game, load it up, and after a few seconds, you’re ready to hit the track. 

The game runs well on just about any hardware, but if the detailed cars and environments are making your PC chug for some reason, you can turn down the graphical settings in the main menu to get to a steady frame rate. 

Also, whereas most online games require an extra download of some kind of client or file, Drift Hunters is download free. The entire game runs within your web browser, thanks to its Unity engine foundations. 

This game is free, requires minimal resources, and is incredibly fun to play. 

What are you waiting for? Get into Drift Hunters and push the pedal to the metal.

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