Dream11 Apk Download 2022| Latest Version 4.21.0 [APK]

Dream11 (Official) for Android

Among all the video games genres out there for people of all ages and genders, it can be hard to choose just one that you want to become a huge fan of for life. While different kinds of games offer different types of fun or attention, fans don’t have much trouble finding various fantasy sports games in stores.
If a player has a passion for any type of sport in particular, then there is an almost endless supply of fantasy sports games available on the market today that allow fans to join their own team and compete against others online! Once you’ve chosen your favourite sport and signed up with your favorite fantasy game, you’ll need to start selecting the players that you want on your own team. Then, once the season starts happening in the real world, all players need to do is sign into their account during game nights to see how they’re progressing against other teams in real time. This is truly amazing!
Dream 11 works differently than most other apps. It’s a virtual league, or competition ground, if you will where sports fans from around the world can come together to meet like-minded individuals and compete against other teams in leagues hosted by the game. Unlike many games, rewards made available by Dream 11 are monetary. This provides more opportunity for users worldwide to compete as they’re less likely to get discouraged with their rankings as money is on the line!
The reason is that previously people played video games to pass the time or to have fun, but with Dream11, you guys are getting a chance to earn money. So why waste your skills on a game when you can easily earn playing your favorite sport virtually?

Dream 11 Apk Features

Application Name Dream11 Apk
Category Fantasy Game App
Latest Version 4.21.0
File Name Dream-11.apk
Total Size 38.43
Certification FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports)
MD5 9438ae4d08dcb00a008f401f6d57039e
Minimum Requirements Android 2.2 +
Uploaded On 06-April-2022

Dream11 2022 APK- Main Features

1. Different Sports: This game is both fun and educational. That’s because it offers the player life lessons in the form of famous quotes that can help deal with real life issues as we’re all so used to playing games where only focusing on defeating the opponent or completing tasks was enough. So it was a wise move by this company to let people learn a thing or two while they’re at it.

2. Build Your Team: The players are given an opportunity to build his own virtual dream team of real-life players for any of the sports that Dream 11 offers. The best thing is that you can choose among a variety of popular players irrespective of their experience or position in the real world. You should also bear in mind that the game will be assigning value to your virtual players just as it does with the NBA, NFL, IPL and other well-known leagues around the world, so make sure you use this opportunity wisely!

3. Virtual Competitions: Sports and games usually involve excluding competitors of an organized group. This is what makes the game or sport exciting, as well as keeps players` enthusiasm alive. As members are earning money by way of this sports or game, you will have to keep it in mind that competitions are extremely demanding like they are in real life. There will be other sorts of matches where teams can test their skills.

4. Play With Friends: Getting to play all of your favorite 11 virtual games right alongside friends is a lot of fun. Dream11 helps you make friendships with other sports enthusiasts even more rewarding: For every friend you invite to join this fun platform, we’ll add Rs 200 to your Dream11 account  so that you can use it to book your dream 11 team and take them along into today’s  cricket match. Enjoy yourself while gaining from it effortlessly!

5. Champions Program: Although you will be getting some rewards for taking part in the virtual competitions and for winning them, here you will also see a special champion program that is meant to give you Champion Rewards. In this you will be given additional opportunities. With it your overall position in the game will get raised to a great extent and ultimately you will get bigger rewards due to your levels of participation having been elevated.

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