Can we make money with computers?

If you’re looking for ways to earn money from your PC, you’re in luck. While it’s true that PCs are mostly used for surfing the Internet and banking, they can also be used to earn some extra cash. Some people even make supplemental income using their computers. Here are some examples of how you can … Read more

How to speed up mobile phone

One way to improve the speed of your mobile phone is to clear the cache. Cache is a form of temporary data that all applications leave on your phone. It allows them to open faster by allowing the RAM to be freed up. To clear the cache, go to Settings> Storage>Cache. Then tap on “clear” … Read more

How mobile network technology works

Before understanding how mobile networks work, it is helpful to understand how the cellular system works. It relies on a system of base stations to transmit and receive communications. Each base station has a limited range and covers a small area called a “cell.” Thousands of cells are deployed by mobile operators, each equipped with … Read more