4 Reasons You May Want To Use Game Cheats From IWantCheats

As the name suggests, game cheats refer to cheat codes or hacks that players can use during gaming to excel in a given game. IWantCheats features game cheats for a wide variety of games, and these cheat codes could help your character gain unlimited strength, unlimited lives, skip difficult levels, walk through surfaces, and whatnot – the possibilities are endless. Game cheats essentially help you succeed in gaming levels and help you progress faster than what would be possible for a regular player. In addition to this, given below are four reasons you may want to use game cheats:

1. You may be stuck

Whether it is due to the game’s poor design or due to their inexperience, players may often get stuck on a particular level in their favorite games. You may try for days but wouldn’t find yourself succeeding in a particular level and would either stop playing the game altogether or look up cheat codes for your problem. As long as you don’t rely on game cheats to pass every other level and only use it when you are stuck, you wo uld still be able to maintain a healthy gaming experience.

2. You may do it for the thrill

Even when players are not struggling, they may use game cheats merely for the thrill of it. Players may want to get access to advanced weapons and features of future levels in the current level they are in simply for experiencing thrill in the game at an earlier stage. This essentially shows the player’s dedication and excitement towards the said game and doesn’t harm their gaming experience at all.

3. You may be bored

Similar to how you flip to the last chapter of a novel that gets boring mid-way to simply skip to the good part and know what happened to your favorite characters, you may get bored in a game as well and may use cheat codes to skip to the end. Games often feature dreary storylines and filler levels which tend to get boring. Hence, players may use game cheats to skip to final levels or clear current levels faster to get to the end and emerge victoriously. 

4. You may simply want to win

All reasons aside, players may simply want to win and cause their opponents to lose in multiplayer games. This desire to win propels them to use game cheats to establish their superiority over other players. Players may want to establish an undue advantage over their opponents and overwhelm them in an attempt to make them lose. Whether this is due to an undying urge to cheat or simply to boost our ego, using game cheats to simply win is another common reason justifying their use.


While using game cheats is usually viewed with a negative connection, it isn’t necessarily as villain-like as most people make it out to be. While cheating may be thought of as inexperience in a player, it may mean that they are so invested in a game that they cannot wait to complete it and progress in it further.

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