How online education has broadened the education market and increased the efficiency of education being provided

The concept of online education had already been present in the market in the last few years as the popularity of the internet and its easy availability increased across all major countries in the world. However it was only with the start of the covid-19 pandemic when the implementation of lockdown allowed most individuals to not be able to leave their homes that the concept of online education gained prominence in the educational industry. Through the use of this method it was possible for teachers to communicate with the students and continue with the learning process. Initially there were a lot of issues present regarding how to start this process for how to sell online courses from your website as most businesses when not equipped with the online tools available on how to integrate it so that an efficient system can be created. Moreover,  at the time of the covid-19 pandemic occurred there were only a handful of companies available in the market who had complete knowledge on how to go about online education as they have been present in the market in the last five years. Despite the initial issues, many educational institutions as well as private organizations came forward to a developing and interactive classroom environment in online education as well as additional online courses for students of different kinds so that better support can be provided to them in their pursuit of education. The teachers are also required to undertake specific training in the art of online teaching so that they could provide better support to the students and ensure that complete utilization of the utilities provided in online education were being made by them. Soon it was found that the gradual increasing demand for online education online courses had led to the development of a separate educational industry that not only meant better support to the students but also led to the generation of employment for a significant number of workers in the economy. These institutions were working to launch course that would provide better support to the educational objectives of the students as well as the teachers in the economy. It was found that different organizations came up with different course combinations which were specifically based on the curriculum that was being talked to the students and schools and colleges so that the students did not feel confused or overwhelmed and could easily take part in these courses without any additional support.

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Another major factor that attracted the students towards online courses what’s the use of modern technology that enables the students to be a part of an interactive and engaging session. it is importance to state that in the traditional teaching method there can be no implementation of modern technology as most of these methods are reliant on the use of diagrammatic and graphical representation that are often hand-drawn and not to scale by the teachers in the classroom based on the text provided to the students. This often creates a disadvantage for students who have difficulty in understanding these concepts easily on the spot thereby leading to the presence of confusion and their minds. However, in these online-courses most of them were conducted through the use of modern technology such as that of Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality where the students were provided with the added benefit of being made to understand any concert using both diagrammatic and graphical representation as well as audio and visual interfaces. This total combination worked in favor of the students and enabled them to have a better understanding of what was being taught thereby leading to an interactive classroom session.

Role of schools and colleges in making technology an inherent part of the education process

It is important to address that education today has been revolutionized with implementation of modern technology thereby enabling the students to have a better understanding of the concepts and easily clear their doubts. Taking this respect into consideration it is important that education Institutions across the globe start implementing these modern technologies in the education process in the form of using smart boards and laptops in the classroom so that Technology can be effectively nurtured.

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