A Guide To Sexting With A Sex Model Online 

Nowadays, it has become a lot easier than before to get off to beautiful women with the help of Zoom parties, VR porn, and nude photos of sex models like on imagefap. Another great way is to sext with a sex model. However, even though it may come as a surprise, like conversations, sexting is also an art.

In this blog, we will help you hone the art of sexting without sounding like a creep. So that the next time sext with your partner or hire a sex model on ladys.one, they will eagerly look forward to it.

What do you say initially?

We agree that it may seem rather impossible to move from a conversation about the weather to a text that reads, “I wish I could do you right now.” The best way to make that transition is by building tension gradually and naturally. 

Perhaps try saying that she looked lovely in a recent picture and slipping in a compliment about one of her physical features. 

Use your imagination

Would you consider yourself a Dom, and does the thought of a woman begging you to fuck her turn you on? In such cases, what can you say without coming off too strong? You can text something like,

“I am not going to touch you, not until you beg me to.”Women like to be teased, be it your partner or a sex model you booked. If you tease a woman, it will build up the tension and make the sexting session even more fun. The anticipation of what you want to do to her is going to get her even more excited. Once you send the text, she cannot help but keep thinking about it. 

With a sext such as that, you will be setting the wheels in motion. 

Build on the conversation

Remember that you are in control, and start role-playing. Just like in real life, you wouldn’t have gon straight to sex; do the same here.

 Ask her what she is wearing. Sharing pictures and voice notes can make the session more fun. If you are out of ideas, there is another thing you can do. Put on some porn on your PC while you sext; this will fuel your imagination even further. 

Remember that the best way to get her wet and to surrender, even while you are miles apart, is by making her feel things. For example, instead of saying something like, “I am putting my cock inside you,” you can rather say, “I am rubbing my cock against you, waiting for you to tell me you can’t take it anymore.”

Instead of texting about what you wish to do with her, text in a way as if you both are presently in the moment. Not only will it make you seem more authoritative as a man, but this will also get the sex model wet in no time. 

To get the sex model to engage even more, you can ask her questions. Say something along the lines of, “I am thinking of all the things I will do to you. Can you guess what they are?”

When you ask a question like that, you are allowing her to speak freely about the things she wants you to do. Now that you have an idea of what she wants you to do as well, you can use it to your advantage.

Things not to do:

It goes without saying that it’s better not to use emojis while you are texting. This makes it difficult for the woman to take you seriously. Also, it’s a turn-off for a lot of women. Take a proper look at the way she is texting—is she using too many emojis? You should be following suit. 

While you can ask for pictures, it’s better if you wait for her to do it herself. Since the sex model is a professional and is hired for the session, they will be sharing pictures anyway. 

Lastly, make sure to discuss boundaries and be respectful when you address her. If you have certain fantasies of taking down while talking dirty, let her know in advance. Make sure she is also comfortable during the session. 


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