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Let your Gold do the work for you by obtaining the help of an IFL Gold loan.

Are you looking for an investment loan? Do you have Gold lying idle? Then, consider a gold loan as your buddy during rainy days. You can not only obtain gold loans with low-interest rates, but you also have the freedom in repayment, no processing charges, and many other advantages.

Did you realize your CIBIL score has no bearing when you apply for gold loans on the internet? There are numerous benefits of the “Yellow Metal,” which could be helpful when the need for a home loan arises; however, you cannot get it through banks. We’ll discuss the advantages of applying for a gold-based loan through IFL Housing Finance without further delay.

Lower Interest Rates

For every Indian, the gold loan rate can mean less financial burden. IFL Housing Finance offers some of the most flexible gold loan rates. Moreover, since Gold is a liquid commodity, you can utilize it as collateral to get a home loan.

With just a few documents and a fast process, it is possible to be approved for a loan through IFL Housing Finance at gold interest rates as low as 0.89 percent for 30 days. So when you need urgent credit, go to IFL Housing Finance and leave the rest to us.


With the gold jewelry you have pledged, the borrowers can now get more amount of loans. Because of IFL Housing Finance providing maximum loan-to-value (LTV) on the market and your Gold being much more desirable than it has ever been before since it can fetch higher capital than ever before. In the process, you’re not just using your Gold to its best use but also leveraging the value of this commodity to its maximum potential.


As mentioned previously, Gold is a liquid commodity that is high-risk collateral. Therefore, gold loans are granted more quickly than other loans. Additionally, since you’re already transferring the security and your credit score is not affected, it will have no effect when applying for an investment loan in Gold.

Some loans are declined because of a low credit score. Therefore, the gold loan could be a viable alternative for those with poor credit scores. You can visit any of the eleven Gold branches of the loan from IFL Housing Finance and get an easy gold loan in Delhi and Haryana fast. You can now obtain a loan within thirty minutes at home.

Features and Coverage

IFL Housing Finance offers a range of attractive gold loan features and coverages like Doorstep Gold Loan service, Zero interest charges, and a Free Locker Facility Online Payment Facility Complete Gold Insurance and Takeovers Available.

Customers can choose EMI options that allow customers to pay monthly installments. In addition, through the Doorstep Gold Loan Service, you can receive an instant gold loan at your doorstep. We have Gold Loan officers who will be happy to assist you in getting the loan quickly and transparently.

Gold is always safe.

Borrowers needn’t be concerned about the value of the metal they pledge to secure collateral at IFL Housing Finance. Once you have submitted the collateral in exchange for Gold to us, it is moved to one of our fire – and secure vaults, where the Gold is secured and stored entirely.

At IFL, you can get gold loans at the rate of just 0.89 percent for 30 days. In addition, you can keep your Gold secure and safe in IFL lockers for free.


With the current market conditions, you can quickly finance a gold loan at the most affordable price. Many people invest in Gold for many years. If you’re experiencing financial issues, it’s the right time to address the issue. Utilize your gold reserves. Now is the time to apply!


Since our founders founded IFL Housing Finance in 2015, the company’s mission is to grow into the top credit company within India and the first choice for housing Gold loan financing company for people in the EWS or the low-income group. It hopes that every family can own a place like Apartments for rent in Oklahoma City  with their thanks to our new and customer-friendly credit plans despite poor scores in credit, irregular incomes, or papers that they are not eligible for.

7 Common Mistakes when applying for a Gold Loan

Gold loan is among the most convenient and straightforward loans available in the present. They allow you to get financial assistance immediately and without a lot of hassle. Therefore, if you’re interested in applying for gold loans, it is essential to take cautiousness.

Gold loans can appear to be an easy way of obtaining quick cash. When you require funds urgently for weddings, festivals, or travel, you are likely to turn to the strength of Gold. Moreover, Gold, usually stored as jewelry and jewelry, is frequently brought to aid during financial crises. Since NBFCs and banks are falling over each other in offering gold loans for Indian households, it is possible to sell your gold assets for profit but not sell them in the market. But, a lot of people make a few fundamental errors when deciding to take a gold loan.

Incomplete knowledge of the formula for calculating interest rates

The majority of companies market their plans to display optically meager rates of interest. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you could be charged a significantly more expensive interest. Some companies charge a jump in interest rates, in which your interest increases as you progress over time or when you fail to make the monthly payment of interest. So, as much as is possible, select a scheme that has fixed or constant interest rates. In all instances, you should know the method by which interest rates are calculated.

Do not verify the creditor’s credibility.

Gold loans are secured loans, which means that it’s connected through the collateral (Gold in this instance). The lender or the creditor holds the collateral until the loan amount is cleared. If the borrower defaults and the lender cannot pay, it utilizes the collateral to recover the amount saved from the lender. This is a great option to offer security to the creditor; however, what happens to the borrower. What happens if the creditor is later discovered to be a scam? There’s only one method to ensure the security of those who borrow, and that is to work with only established banking institutions and NBFCs. Even if you’re receiving lucrative interest rates on gold loans, be sure to avoid trading with banks or businesses that do not have an excellent reputation in the marketplace.

In ignorance of the hidden costs

Some banks often conceal many charges in their “Terms and Conditions section. These hidden costs include processing fees, foreclosure fees, penalties, charges for late payment, and auction-related fees. When you apply for a gold-based loan, make sure you know the hidden costs before completing the loan application.

Averting your eyes to these Terms and Conditions

Most of the clients don’t even take the time to read the terms and conditions, which are written in the small font which contains numerous clauses about loans in Gold (for, in fact, all loans). Instead, they accept the document without reading it and do not spend time reading the entire paper. This can lead to paying an additional amount in interest. In addition, certain gold loans could increase the interest rate, i.e., the interest rate could rise into the following slab after a particular time. Of course, reliable finance firms will inform the client of the gold loan options to pick the most suitable one.

I am not considering all alternatives.

Uncertain about how to apply for a gold-based loan through LTV (loan-to-value). When applying for a gold loan, you must keep this in mind since you don’t get the whole worth of Gold when you calculate the loan’s cost; according to the RBI principle, a gold loan’s LTV cannot be more than 75 percent. For instance, you can take out a loan with a limit of Rs. 1,50,000 if the worth in your precious metal is. 2 lakh. The ratio determines the amount you can put with the jewelry. As a borrower, banks or NBFCs employ different criteria for calculating the LTV ratio. Therefore, you must know the factors that influence the lender’s LTV ratio calculation.

I am not aware of the Structure of Repayment.

There are four distinct kinds of repayment arrangements that a lender might provide. Therefore, it is vital to know these structures and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

  1. Regular EMIs – This is the basic repayment plan designed for salaried borrowers receiving monthly cash flow. Similar to other loans, repayments will be made in EMIs, which will comprise of interest as well as principal.
  2. Partial Payment- In this arrangement, you can choose to repay the interest and principal amount at any time you want. It’s not essential to follow the EMI schedule that was formulated at the beginning. It is a custom-made repayment program that is designed to meet the needs of the client. For instance, if you take a more significant portion of the principal upfront and then take on fewer interest costs later on.
  3. Only Interest EMIIn this arrangement, the lender requires you only to pay the amount of interest in EMI as well as the principal payable in its entirety by the date specified for the maturity date. This is an excellent option for those waiting on an enormous sum to be paid in an FD or the RD maturities.
  4. Bullet Repayment: You are required to pay the loan in full, along with interest on the date of the loan’s maturity. There is no requirement to settle any EMIs during the loan period. The interest will be calculated monthly but must be paid out at the end.

Unaware of the type of Gold you can avail for a loan

Banks will lend loans to Gold that is pure to 22 karats or more. If you own Gold that is lower in purity, this will not be a benefit. When you pledge gold jewelry with other precious stones within it, only the quality and weight of the Gold will be taken into consideration to determine the loan’s value. The value of gems is not considered. In India, the lenders prefer to use gold jewelry as collateral because it is more sentimental and guarantees a disciplined payment from the lender. But keep in mind that banks will not accept gold bars to give loans in Gold, and they do not buy gold bullion or coins that weigh more than 50 grams.

Business Finance to Tech Companies in India

Business Loans are the most effective ways to raise funds for various business needs. Funding is an essential element in achieving the business’s goals. Both fundraising and funding are crucial business situations in the present that support the growth of an entrepreneur.

Business loans are intended to assist small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs in meeting their capital needs. Over 50 banking and financial establishments across the country offer custom-made business loans at competitive interest rates that will meet your financial needs.

Business Lending Eligibility

The age should range between 25 and 65.

* CIBIL score must be 700 or greater

The candidate must own an enterprise that is at the very least profitable for three consecutive financial years

* The company’s turnover should be on a positive trend.

* Balance Sheet that has been audited

Why should you choose a Business loan?

* Expansion

A continuous increase in business growth is associated with a rapid increase in sales and increasing profits. If expansion is the next step, obtaining business loans will easily be used to cover short-term costs and other intermittent expenses. So your operating funds remain in place while you increase sales through expansion.

Top 5 loan providers for Tech Companies

Here are the most reputable five loan companies that offer loans to IT/ Tech Companies:

1-    HDFC Bank Business Growth Loans

  • HDFC Bank offers business loans of up to Rs. 40 Lakhs (Rs. 50 lakhs at unique places) without collateral, guarantee or need for security.
  • Business loans are available to proprietors, self-employed people, and partner companies and businesses involved in manufacturing, providing services, or trading.
  • It is an HDFC business loan that has advantages like an overdraft facility and flexible tenure options for as long as 48-months.


  • The minimum annual turnover of the business should be 40 lakhs. 40 lakhs.
  • The last two years of a business must be the good years.
  • The amount is Rs. 1.5 lakhs should be the minimum annual earnings of the business under ITR.
  • Minimum experience for those in the business should be five years. In addition, the experience must be three years of experience in the industry currently in operation.
  • For Business loans, the minimum interest rate offered by HDFC bank is 11.90 percent, and the maximum speed is 21.35 percent.


Excellent can help you make Smart Money Moves for a Lifetime. They work to secure the low-interest rates and the best terms for Online Applications at Business lending has been made faster, more efficient, and more convenient by changing the process of approval from stumbling blocks to stepping stones. This lets borrowers gain access to money and understand the areas they should improve to improve their credit score. Excellent guarantees that borrowers receive security, safety, and a reliable application process that can is tracked online.

Presently, we are working on the following deals:

  • A Working Capital loan that is not secured
  • Microloans
  • Invoice Discounting
  • GST Surrogate
  • Finance based on Revenue
  • Bank Surrogate

3-    SBI Simple Small Business Loan

SBI business loans provide a way to fund businesses that are MSME businesses. The principal goal of SBI loans for small businesses that are simplified is to aid small enterprises in developing their existing asset and fix assets.

The minimum loan amount that MSME businesses can borrow is Rs 10 lakh. So MSME firms are 10 Lakh, and the maximum amount available is 25 lakh. 25 lakh. The thing that is interesting about SBI reduced small business loans is that they require 40 percent of the security collateral and the rate of interest of it, tied on the MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate).

The eligibility requirements for SBI simplified small business loans include

Five years of existence as a business

Current account with any bank in the last two years

The minimum monthly average balance of Rs. 1 Lakh.

4-    Citi Banks Business Loans

CitiBusiness provides a variety of business loans that can be used for practical work capital administration. You can take advantage of a variety of MSME loan products, including Overdrafts, Working Capital Loans, short and long-term loans, Export and Import Finance, which are specifically made to meet the financing needs and support the growth of your business.

CitiBank provides business loans in the form of work capital loans, overdrafts, short-term and long-term loans, and export and import finance.

But, CitiBank doesn’t disclose the loan amount, interest rate of interest, or the duration before publication on its website. So, instead, you will learn about it when you complete the application for a loan.

There is an additional 2% processing fee on the loan amount that you have approved. Additionally, there are charges for pre-closure (2 percent) and renewal charges (2 percent) for loans for businesses.

5-    Axis Bank Business Loan

Axis bank is renowned for its convenience services and the various amenities it provides its customers. Its business loans that you can obtain at Axis Bank are Rs. 50 lakh (maximum) and without the quantity of collateral.

Axis Bank offers business loans to professionals such as doctors, engineers, and CAs, to purchase equipment or office space and expand their business.

The amount of business loans offered is as high as Rs. 50 Lakhs with no need for collateral.

To be qualified for an Axis Bank loan, your business must

You must be at minimum three years old and be able to run

Maintain an annual minimum turnover of. 30 Lakhs

You’re in the range of 21-65 years.

It is determined by the bank based on your company’s profile and financial evaluations, your previous history, and your duration.

The average rates for loans to businesses in the past ranged between 10.75 percent to 21 percent.

The Pitfalls of Business Loans

Small business loans might be their sole option for making their dreams of owning their own business into reality. Some might turn to credit unions or banks for the funds they require. Although a small-scale business loan could help get a business off starting, it comes with certain risks.

Tedious Application Process

The process of applying for a commercial loan can be complicated. There are more difficulties in obtaining a loan for a business as opposed to a personal loan. First, banks scrutinize and verify each document that the business owner submits in their application. After that, the banks decide whether the business is eligible for a loan. The determination of a loan’s eligibility is based on the points system, which has to be weighed as new information is constantly coming in. This is a continuous and complex procedure.

Some businesses may not qualify for a loan.

There are many strict guidelines and rules that banks must adhere to in the approval or rejection of business loans. Unfortunately, many businesses do not be able to meet the requirements set out by banks. This is why you need to be aware of how banks assess applications before going ahead in submitting your request. It is not a good idea to spend time on an application that has no chance of being accepted by the bank you want to use. The process of dealing with rejections isn’t easy to overcome. It can leave you in a dilemma of where to go to find the funds your business requires.


A lender may demand that you provide an amount of collateral to secure the loan. It is essentially; you could put your assets at risk if your venture fails to succeed. This means that you run the risk of losing not just your company but your house, car, or any other property.

It isn’t easy to obtain

Many lenders are wary of offering loans to new businesses and will only lend money to established companies with an ideal financial situation. Even if your startup can qualify for a loan from a lender, the amount could not be the amount you want. In the end, you could be required to cut back on the operations or opt not to start the company.

High-Interest Rates

The rates of interest for commercial loans offered by banks are often very high as well as the size of bank loan a business can qualify for isn’t sufficient to deal with the company’s issues. The high interest rate on loans received by a firm could hinder the company’s development and growth since the business must make money from the loan and deal with the additional cost of the high-interest rate.

If an entrepreneur in business is caught with an inconvenient payment method and the interest rates are not consistent with the market conditions. This makes it more challenging to estimate the precise amount of installments to be paid in the future. The result is that it is challenging to develop solid financial plans.


When you receive your loan amount, you could be incredibly liberating, mainly when you’re using the funds to pay off debts with high interest or expand up your company in a manner that will increase sales later on. The majority of loans do not give the company a financial cushion; however, borrowing money to purchase tangible assets (such as the fleet of vehicles or real estate) will increase the cost of your monthly expenses. Paying for loans can stress your already thin profit and loss budget and drastically cut down your liquidity—the money you use to pay back the small-business loans that you cannot use for other purposes.

Processing Fees

To authorize a loan, it is common for banks to charge additional processing fees that will be added to the total amount of the loan amount to pay back the bank. The prices are usually determined by the amount of the loan in percentage. The greater the loan amount and the more it is charged, the more processing charges.

Apply to one lender

You may end paying a much higher interest rate than you need to. Unfortunately, most business owners are not aware of lenders who offer attractive rates. Therefore, it is crucial to get connected to a variety of lenders. That’s precisely what lenders on the internet do: they look for the most competitive conditions.

Credit Score

Many small business loans online will allow you to look at the amount and the rate you are eligible for without needing a “hard” inquiry on your credit report. However, to complete the loan application process, you’ll need to allow the banks to access your credit report, which will nearly always affect your credit score by a couple of points. In addition, you’ll be faced with a growing total amount of debt, and this loan comes with the potential to place your creditworthiness into a lower situation than before applying. Therefore, if you’re trying to maintain good credit to qualify for a more significant commercial credit in the future, it is recommended to use the loan application and loans sparingly.


In the end, it’s not an exact list of the pitfalls and difficulties without mentioning how difficult it can be to secure a small-business loan in certain situations. Although specific lending platforms, including those that allow crowdfunding and P2P lending, may provide faster, less streamlined methods of getting money, traditional loans require applicants to provide any information regarding their finances, taxes, and marketing plans for approval. In addition, business loans generally require you to be profitable with between two and three years of profit or sales reports and prove that you are growing continuously for the duration that the loans last. If you are a brand new company, it can be nearly impossible. That’s why some startups look at another method of financing or microloans instead.


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